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According to his design

by: Aaron Novak/Editor in Chief

lakelandpresident aaron novak

Bullock in his office. He has an open-door policy and encourages visitors with insightful input.
Photo by Aaron Novak

Hailing from “America’s Dairy Land,” President Josh Bullock was elected to his position last semester.

Beginning as an electrical engineering major, Bullock had made his way to his junior year of college when his chance to take an internship arose.  When he realized his field of choice was not all he thought it was, he quickly changed pace in order to humor his parents and decided to head into the world of business.  From there he had found his way into teaching and administration. Knowing he had found his passion, Bullock decided to seriously delve into education, which ultimately lead him to Lake Land College.

Bullock feels that Lake Land is just right for him, stating that the experience is, “Wonderful…a great organization…it feels best to be part of a team that’s so dedicated. I think number one to student success.”

Innovation is one of Bullock’s key terms and loves for the college. Though Lake Land is a great place, he does see that there are challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing all colleges in Illinois is budget, of which the president said, “We’ve seen funding dry up in the state of Illinois. That will continue to be a challenge for us.  But on the flip side I’m a firm believer of whenever you have challenges, and you have the kind of situation, people step up to the plate and they really focus on finding better ways to do things.”

Bullock went on to talk about all of the technology that Lake Land has begun using, such as the thin client system, wind turbines and geothermal energy, all of which many mega corporations lack.

With all this floating around, he still manages to adjust to the day to day life at LLC. In one such adjustment, he has brought his family consisting of his wife and two fifteen year old twins to Mattoon.

His plan, overall, is communication. Bullock can be seen walking the campus or even the community throughout the day. His goal is to talk to everyone he can to get a better idea of how to increase the operation of the school.

When he is not donning his presidential visage, Bullock would most likely be seen resting comfortably to watch the adventure and excitement of the Star Wars series, of which he is an avid fan.

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