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Construction on Northeast building

Installation of new addition provides many benefits

by: Wyatt McConchie

This summer at Lake Land College, students may have seen something out of the ordinary in the Northeast parking lot.  The Northeast building, which includes the math, science, social science and education programs, received an addition.

The Northeast building is one of the original buildings on the campus.  Previous to this addition, no additions have been added since the mid-1900s, and no large renovations since the construction in the early 1970’s.

An interview with Ray Rieck, the Vice President of Business Services at Lake Land College, revealed a lot of information behind the project. The construction team assigned this project has been working since the end of the last school year and continued to work at the beginning of classes this year.  A lot of hard work has been put into the building in order to complete the renovation in such a small time frame. A great deal of planning also had to be put into the construction in order to complete the 38,000 square foot building.  The workers had to not only comply with the American Disability Association (ADA) code, but work with removing the asbestos wand other hazardous substances.

The addition to the building was necessary for Lake Land’s heating and cooling systems. These systems would reach high temperatures in the summers, making distracting, uncomfortable learning conditions for summer students with the machinery’s obnoxious noises. These systems were only supposed to last around 25 years after the Northeast building was constructed. These systems were running forty years past due.

Some much needed accommodations were added to the building. Students can expect an increase in Wi-Fi range and easier handicap accessibility with this new addition.

Lake Land has been working with Control Technology and Solutions (CTS)-based out of St. Louis-since 2007 with any renovations. CTS is known as an energy saving contractor. This company is a big player in our construction and energy saving throughout Lake Land.  They expect a total savings of around thirty percent.

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