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Knowledge through passion

Jeff White of biological science

by:Aaron Novak/Editor in Chief

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White preparing for a class in his office.
Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Bioscience professor Jeff White is a 16-year tenure of his trade. Coming from teaching science at Sullivan high school, White started at Lake Land in 1997 in the very department he currently resides.

When comparing the two different types of schooling, high school and college level, White said about LLC, “I love it… I love everything about teaching at this level. Having taught at the high school level makes me appreciate teaching this level a lot more”

His experience at Lake Land has been perfect from a teacher standpoint. “For a person who likes to teach, this is the place for them.” He went on to say that from a college stand point, there is little “parent interaction” due to parents wanting to give their kids more freedom whereas before, there was rules and regulations in their household.

Aside from his teaching career, White has been the Boy Scout master in Sullivan for two years, and cub master prior to that for several years. He also takes in active role in environmental activism. In the past, he has been known to volunteer at nature preserves, offering his help with anything that they need. An opportunity to lend a hand is offered in some of his bioscience classes, where students can take a hike to the Douglas-Hart Nature Center or, as he has done in the past, lend a hand in one of the few nature preserves in the area.

Along with his aid in activism, his home is also very environmentally friendly. His family has recently built a house that has uses geothermal heating. Instead of the normal two-by-four wood used for the walls, White used two by six to ensure more insulation so that when the weather changes, the thermostat will not be on so often. Even the wood is eco-friendly; all the wood was sustainably harvested and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council in the United Kingdom. In all, his home is a crowning achievement and he even hopes to have solar panels installed one day. With his feet grounded in being environmentally mindful, Jeff White is an asset to Lake Land College that has much to offer and even more yet to do.

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