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Lake Land services are here to help

by: Kaitlyn Conrad/Photo & Web Editor

llc services trio and tutoring together kaitlyn conrad

TRiO and the tutoring center are conveniently located in the same area.
Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Lake Land College has many different services for students.  Many students may not be aware of what Lake Land has to offer but the options for help and support for students are out there.

TRiO Student Support Services is one of the programs on campus that can help students in an assortment of ways.  TRiO is not only here to help students academically but they provide support in providing financial advice as well as checking in with students and making sure their academic and personal lives are going well.  Marko Mohlenhoff is the director of TRiO and the program is funded by the Education Department of the Federal Government.

TRiO’s main goal is to help citizens prepare for, get into, stay in and then graduate from a college or university with a bachelor’s degree.  TRiO here works with about 160 Lake Land students on both individual and group levels.  Activities range from workshops to presentations and the program organizes trips off campus for students to check out different universities.  “We pay very close attention and ask questions, etc, to try and find out things we can help the student target for making a change for the better for their success,“Mark Mohlenhoff stated.

To be a part of TRiO, students must either be a first generation college student or in financial need.  The program prioritizes students who are planning to transfer.  Students who are looking to accede competitively and meet the above requirements are encouraged to join.  To apply, you can visit their website on the Lake Land page, drop by the office in Webb Hall room 052 or give them a call at 217-234-5456. Lake Land also has a health services.  Sharon Uphoff, the LPN here on campus, helps students by acting as a Lake Land also has a health services.

Uphoff helps students by acting as a first aid station and by giving over-the-counter meds to students who need it. She also manages physicals and works closely with athletics.  Sharon is also the manager for the student health insurance.  The student health insurance is available to any Lake Land student.  Students can then use that insurance to receive care from Sarah Bush’s or Carle’s convenient care.

Health Services also works with the Student Life and Activity Board for the Health Fair.  There will also be a flu

shot clinic in October that Health Services provides.  To get in touch with Health Services, stop by the office, located the Luther Student Center, Monday through Friday 8-5, by email or by phone.

Another service that Lake Land has to offer is tutoring.  If students are struggling in one or more of their classes or are looking to obtain better learning or organizational skills, the tutoring center is the place to seek advice.  The tutoring center is a free, appointment based program for students here at Lake Land.  Tutors are a mix of students, instructors and those with university degrees.

Students who are in need of the tutoring center’s help need to fill out a schedule form so that the center can match them up with one of the tutors.  “It’s small groups; we don’t have the space or the staff for one on one tutoring but we have very small groups,” Karla Miller, the director of the Learning Assistant Center, remarked.  Peak times at the tutoring center are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The tutoring center is solely for students who need that help.

Lake Land offers many more services than those highlighted here.  To check out the different services and their web pages, go to Lake Land’s website, scroll your mouse over “Recourses & Services” and take a look at the list.

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