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Being for the benefit of culture

The Fall Frolic

by: Tanner Garren/Layout and Design Editor

Logo for The Creative Community. Artwork courtesy of Jennifer Dweese

Logo for The Creative Community.
Artwork courtesy of Jennifer Dweese

Come one, come all to The Creative Community of Effingham’s Fall Frolic.  If you can find a larger range of different forums of art in a festival, then you are obviously not from the district.  The Fall Frolic will emit an aura of music, art, food and other exciting activities that you will not find at any other weekend outing in a small community.

Now, why is this?  If one knows anything about the arts based in Effingham County, they would know that it is hard to find a wide range of artistic talent unless they were looking in certain areas. With the Fall Frolic, many of Effingham’s and other surrounding areas’ great artistic minds and performers will be there.

Besides creating a fun event for a weekend, The Creative Community has a much bigger motive. “We want people to come to create unity with artistic talents and provide a forum who want to do something artistic,” says Josh Loy, one of the Creative Community’s head ambassadors.  “As an organization, we seek to discover and promote local artists, musicians, and crafts people in order to grow our community’s culture and provide opportunities for talent to find its proper stage.  The Fall Frolic accomplishes this.”

The Fall Frolic will take place on October 11-12 at the Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham. On Friday 11, ceremonies will begin at 5 p.m. and end at midnight with a random jam. On October 12 they will host the main events starting at 10 a.m. featuring art demos, arts and crafts booths, a carved pumpkin contest (please have pumpkin carved beforehand), and live music from some of Effingham’s star artists and bands such as Andy Reuter, Swamp Donkey, and Jed Adams. Food and drink will also be available; though it is at a winery, there will be kid friendly drinks. Tickets are $5, but the little ones will get in free as long as they are 12 and under.  You can purchase tickets at the new Chesnut Family Music in Effingham.

The Fall Frolic will be two fantastic days of art and culture, but if you are someone who has an artistic talent; whether it be music, art, crafts, dancing, poetry, fighting style, etc., The Creative Community requests that you sign up fast, as spaces are filling quickly.  If you would like to set up a booth, contact Cassie Heynen at, or look up Cass Heynen on Facebook.  Booth spots will be $10, and alongside getting a booth you will receive four free tickets to the event.  Performances and demonstrations are encouraged; if you would like to perform contact, Kevin at or

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