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Engergy mess

Nature trail in Question

by: Aaron Novak/Editor-in-Chief

construction aaron novak

One of the many backhoes that tore up the ground where the trail once was.
Photo by Aaron Novak

Not many people know about the nature trail behind the Student Center here at Lake Land and many may never.  Last semester there began a process to install geothermal energy reserves in this very trail to promote and build the geothermal project that has been ongoing.  In hindsight, this is a big deal.  Geothermal technology offers clean energy that is safe and efficient. For a small college like Lake Land, this is a huge breakthrough and a show of how resourceful it is an impressive and intuitive step forward in resourcefulness.

On the other hand, this idea could be double-edged sword.  The trail was once home to a number of wild life species including a variety of birds, amphibian species and a den of foxes.  Now where these animals made their homes is in a pile of trees tossed aside for the energy program.  New technological innovation sometimes lead to situations like this, where, in order to help the human race sustain itself, the other species we share the planet with must take casualties.

An effort was made to discover more information about the site but was soon halted after un-returned phone calls and unwilling workers. Even President Bullock had no knowledge of the work done to the trial. The operation cannot possibly hold dangerous secrets, so why is there an attempt to keep information away?

Whatever the reason, the work on the trial, while hazardous to wildlife, is essential to the students and faculty of Lake Land College. Allegedly, the energy from the geothermal program will be in effect for the entire campus once the Northeast building has returned to working status.  How will this affect the college?  While the specific details are still unclear, this is good news for the campus and the start of a new era for the people of Lake Land College.

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