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First looks at Lake Land

Students’ perspectives of arriving at college

by: Gretchen Neal/Campus and Features Editor

observations gretchen neal 1

Olivia Fox, a Lake Land student, looks confused at one of the signs around campus.
Photo by Gretchen Neal

Everyone copes with change differently. One of the most terrifying (or exciting) changes a college student will ever have to face is their first day of college, be it the first day of attending college or their first day at a new college. Students of Lake Land College were asked how they might have dealt with the challenge of their first day of attendance. The majority of students asked responded that they were one of two things: ecstatic or very confused.

“It kind of seemed like a rite of passage,” said an optimistic biological science major.

“It’s a bit intimidating at first, but you receive a warm welcome,” an anonymous programming major added.

Stephanie, a public relations major, was kind enough to call the campus pretty, but warned against the use of Google Maps if you are unfamiliar with the area, as it will give you the wrong address.

Hopefully most students responded to their first day with positivity, but for those who are still terrified by the circular campus, take solace in the words of Mesa Cruz, a fellow student and IT computer application major: ”After the first semester, you pretty much get the jist of it, and then things work out from there.”

The other half of students that responded all shared the same opinion on at least one thing: circular campuses can seem a bit like a maze to new students.

Kass Kersey, a business admin major, summed it up quite nicely: “Why is everything round? I’m lost,” was his initial response to Lake Land’s campus.

“It was really confusing, lots of circles,” said another Lake Land student.

If it was not the circular campus design, it was the size of campus or the names of buildings that jumbled students.

“West and Northeast are really confusing because they’re right next to each other,” said Sean S.

There were students who did not react with excitement or panic. One dietetics student took Lake Land in stride, and simply stated that Lake Land is a “glorified high school.”

Other students were less concerned with the academics of Lake Land and expressed their dissatisfaction with other aspects: “There’s no one hot here,” an undecided major complained.

While the confusion on the first day can be avoided with the print-out map available on Lake Land’s website, the low percentage of “hot” people cannot be helped.

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