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Geeking out

Everyone should be a “victim”

by: Shelby Mitchell/News and Opinions Editor

Cosplay and gaming and cons, oh my. When people think “geek,” the concept tends to be a bit blurred. While “geek” and “nerd” seem interchangeable, there really is a difference.

A nerd, by definition, is someone who is “boringly studious” and socially awkward. A geek is more of someone who really likes something, even to the point of obsession and, basically, gets excited and is enthusiastic about the things they love.

While geeks were typically looked down upon, in recent years, people have begun accepting their geeky interests without a second thought. Superheroes, videogames, book-based movies, all sorts of things that would have previously been considered “geeky” have taken over. And yet, when asking around, most of the students seem to be under the impression that geek culture is not something that has taken hold; they think that there are not very many geeks at Lake Land, they think that geeks would be hard to spot and they are claim that nothing makes them “geek out.”

The plain and simple truth is that, in some way, almost everyone is,to a slight extent, a bit of a geek. Some are more obvious about it – we all know those kids who hit each other with foam swords and play Magic in the cafeteria – but some people do not quite “claim” their geekiness. If you got excited about a new videogame or DLC, chances are, you are a geek. If you heard about the “Harry Potter” spin-off movie and immediately felt elated, chances are, you are a geek. If you look in your closet and find an Iron Man shirt, chances are, you are probably a geek. A geek is, to all extents and purposes, merely someone who gets excited about the things they like. It does not have to pertain to pop culture; it could be space or sports or politics, but if it gets you more excited than you have words for, you have experienced “geeking out.” Symptoms include: elated feelings, increased energy, and a need to talk about the thing you like nonstop (and sometimes feeling bad because your friends may not exactly care). If truly nothing gets you excited, how are you even living? If something does get you excited, makes you happy to be alive, makes you want to scream from the mountain tops how much you love the thing or how excited you are about it – embrace your inner geek. Love whatever it is that makes you feel that way. In a world that likes to remind us so often of many reasons we should be sad, you should not be afraid to latch onto your love like a life raft your geeky interests can keep you afloat while others drown in misery.

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