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Insidious: Chapter 2

by: Beth Koehler/Copy Editor

insidious chapter 2

Official poster for Insidious Chapter 2.
Poster courtesy of FilmDistrict

I am a giant fan of horror movies. Even the bad ones can be a lot of fun to watch, laugh to be honest, most horror movies lately have been disappointing. However, I recently saw the trailer for Insidious: Chapter 2, and I am honestly excited by it.

It starts where the previous movie left off, with the family moving into a new home. A brand new start after the utter debacle of a haunted mess they were stuck with in the first movie (which you should see, it is really good).  Everything is going well… until it does not. It seems that the supernatural forces that threatened their family the first time have followed them, or perhaps they never left them. Either way, scary things are bound to happen.

Now, the movie does not come out until Sept. 13, but the trailer actually looks interesting.  As I mentioned, it is a sequel, and it looks decent. The special effects look pretty good, and it has a sense of atmosphere that is not daunting but it is heavy handed. Still, it is bound to keep you quiet and discontent- which is exactly how a good horror film operates. My only real concern is whether or not they will go overboard in the supernatural monster thing they seem to be going for, and head into the land of ridiculousness. There is a fine line between horror and unintentional comedy.Still, I am hopeful for what this movie has to offer. I am crossing my fingers!

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