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Living for Music

LLC artist Allison Keck

by: Tanner Garren/Layout and Design Editor

Give a warm round of applause to Allison Keck, a sophomore at Lake Land College. A lot of people like to give the notion that they live for music, but how many can actually back that up? Singer and songwriter Allison Keck definitely can.

Since she was young, Allison has been an avid singer, and even dabbled in piano for a while, but she decided that was not what she was going to use to make music with. In recent years she has shown that strings are her go-to music makers. After only six months of guitar lessons, Allison soon began to teach herself not only guitar but also ukulele, and from there she could go nowhere else but uphill. At sixteen she had her first gig at the Tuscon Hills Winery in Effingham.

Allision Keck-600

Sophomore signer/songwriter Allison Keck.

Soon after, she performed numerous times at local mic nights around the district and the Toledo legion, but decided to start booking her own gigs.

Allison enjoys and performs many pop and country songs. She plays tributes to artists like Pink!, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, and Neon Trees. When asked what her opinions were on today’s songwriting, she praises many of today’s songwriters because of their relatable lyrics. Out of today’s songwriters and artists her favorite is John Mayer. She says that not only are his lyrics relatable, but that they are also very intelligent. When asked if she would like to ever become famous or just stick to writing and performing, she responded with, “I don’t think I want to become famous. I would rather just write and perform; I just have more fun with it. Sometimes I even forget that I’m supposed to get paid for some of my gigs.”

For more on Allison, and to listen to her beautiful covers and originals you can visit her Youtube channel at Allie Keck. If you would like to book her for an event, send a message to her Facebook.

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