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Inside “Goth Night” at C-Street

by: Gretchen Neal/Campus and Features Editor

Some students may have heard about the “Goth night” happening every Monday at C-Street. A few may have even attended said night, clad in whatever alternative clothes or costumes they could scrounge. A recent interview with the Production Manager of IDG Productions, Alexander Audiophile, revealed that Nekromancy is actually far more than the preconceived idea of “Goth night at C-Street.”

By definition, Nekromancy is a social gathering, typically hosted at the gay-friendly club C-Street, in Champaign. The organization that runs Nekromancy (IDG Productions) gives themes – like gender-bent events – to certain gatherings and hires different talent for their happenings. A few examples include Burlesque dancers, fire-breathers, DJs, photographers for photo-shoots and plays (both verbal and purely expressive, non-verbal ones). There is a larger event being held to celebrate Labor Day on Sept 2, and there is a strong possibility that it will be zombie-themed. While that is the only themed event, do not let that discourage you – Nekromancy (or Nekro, as it is sometimes called) typically runs every Monday, with maybe a three-week break in between seasons and the possible week off about once a year.

Nekromancy is more than just fun and entertainment, though. It first started in 1987, under a different name (Subfusion, or something similar), but personal problems between members of the group shut down its function. It was reborn some years later as Nekromancy. Audiophile said that Nekro gave him the opportunity to create a new social life. When asked what Nekro meant to him, Audiophile said “The core thoughts I’ve always had when I think back on Nekromancy typically have to deal with friends and good memories.” When asked to clarify what exactly Nekromancy meant, Audiophile replied, “I’m just going to say one word, and that would be ‘family.’”

Nekromancy is popularly known for its alternative audience, but it should be stressed that people of any fashion sense or lifestyle are welcome. They are looking for a broad and diverse audience and would not like to exclude anyone. However, please note that there is an age requirement of at least 19 years at C-Street.

IDG Productions hopes to bring in more people in the next few years, and one of their goals is to still be running and in production years from now, so that they might continue to bring these enjoyable events to others in the future. Audiophile said, “I hope that more people get the experience I got from it.” He would also like to remind everyone to support their local alternative communities.

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  1. Randall Ellison says:

    I would just like to point out that Bob Murphy was responsible for the inception of the original industrial gothic night at Chester Street in 1987. His residency, however, ended circa 2001. The night then took on the name of X:SNDK after Mr. Murphy’s departure, with a variety of area DJs attempting to maintain its legacy, including the lead singer of the local band Massivivid. This video offers a brief account of the night’s history.

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