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Fresh to Volleyball: Lacy Maulding

by: Adam Hostetter/Sports and Entertainment Editor

Lacy Maulding, No. 8, is a freshman Volleyball player here at Lake Land College. Photo by Adam Hostetter

Lacy Maulding, No. 8, is a freshman Volleyball player here at Lake Land College.
Photo by Adam Hostetter

The air is tense, and a referee’s whistle is blown. The volleyball is served and soars through the air, speeding toward the ground. A pair of arms repels the ball, flinging it up high and setting the scene for another teammate’s spike over the net to win the point. A good team must be all about working together in sync and being cooperative with each other, and Lake Land College’s volleyball team is no different. One member of this outstanding team is Lacy Maulding, a freshman athlete.

Looking forward to her first year competing for Lake Land College, Maulding began the sport in seventh grade at Casey, Illinois. Her team was “very successful that year,” and she has been competing in volleyball ever since. Throughout her athletic career, Maulding has had much support for her endeavors from teammates, whom cheer each other on and practice together, and from her family, who come to the games to watch her play. Maulding chose Lake Land College over other institutions “because it was close to home, and I have a few past teammates on the (current LLC) team.” Maulding sees herself as an all-around player in volleyball, playing everywhere on the court except the middle position. She also considers Misty May, a beach volleyball veteran that has won three Olympic gold medals in her career, as a good role model.

In regards to this year’s volleyball team lineup Maulding remarked, “I’m really excited for this year, and it’s an all-freshman team…minus two girls.” That is a lot of fresh blood for one team, but with new players means new and different experiences for the coaches, the rivals, and the audience to watch.

Maulding is currently enrolled in 13 credit hours at Lake Land College and is working towards an associate degree in dental hygiene. After LLC, Maulding hopes to go directly into the field, but there is a chance she will try to earn a bachelor’s degree.

To watch Lacy Maulding and her teammates on the court, the volleyball game schedule is available on Lake Land College’s athletics’ program website at:

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