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Precision combat sports

by: Kory Stone/Business Manager

Precision Combat Sports combo cardio kickboxing and crossfit class. Photo by Kory Stone

Precision Combat Sports combo cardio kickboxing and crossfit class.
Photo by Kory Stone

The smell of sweat and sanitizer fills the air, along with grunting and sounds of gloves smacking boxing mitts, to rattle off with a tat-tat-tat. The floor is covered in good quality but miss-matching mats. Five different styles of punching and Banana bags line the wall to the north while trophies, flags and fight posters are sporadically hung up along the rest. Tom Butler, a Co-founder and current owner of Precision Combat Sports, is on the other side of the gym speaking with some ladies who just finished up their cardio kickboxing class. It is ground night, which means everyone is dressed or getting dressed in his or her traditional “GI” outfits. Ground nights are every Monday and Wednesday at six and consist of learning Jiu-jitsu and wrestling on top of their cardio strength training.  13-year veteran Adam Arebalo, a Champion black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, leads the classes. He is fairly new to PCS, just recently taking over for decorated fighter and Champion Heath Pedigro.  Arebalo commented, “What I love about martial arts, jiu-jitsu in particular, is that there is so much to learn from it, even outside the physical aspects. Even as a black belt I never stop learning about myself or others.”

The gym caters to a diverse mixture of members, from professional fighters, martial art enthusiast to the average person who just wants to get healthy or learn self-defense. The classes are constructed and taught in a way to use people’s individual goals and strengths in making an effective team. According to Butler, it is one of their keys to success. The striking classes are taught by Butler and Sean Hamilton, and between the both of them they have close to 30 years of boxing and Muay Thai experience, which are taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays at six.

What may be one of the most surprising benefit from PCS is the family friendly, positive atmosphere and friendship customers acquire through it. People develop close-knit ties with those who are constantly in battle with them whether it is against an enemy or a bit of extra weight. Mothers bring their kids with them to play on the mats or take the kids to class while they exercise themselves.  All in all, it is well documented about the physical health benefits of gyms and exercise. However, if you ask around, for some the gym is more than that. The gym brings them solace, a positive outlet for the everyday stressors. They find their discipline and self-image start to rise, and not just because they are physically getting in shape but mentally and emotionally as well.   They gym will continue in expanding its classes as they grow and will be offering a variety of classes and boot camps for fall and winter.

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