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La Celebracion

Latin dance at Lake Land

by: Leah Oathout/Production Manager


Photo by Leah Oathout

The music from the Field House was audible in parking lots on September 27 when DJ Lex got the students, staff and friends of Lake Land College out of their seats and onto the dance floor. La Celebracion, the Latino dance night, was an excellent choice to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

“We began forming ideas in February or March,” Casey Reynolds, Spanish instructor and member of the Diversity in Education Task Force (DETF), explained. “I thought about dancing, a very visual element of Hispanic culture.”

DJ Lex, of Bloomington, brought some of his friends and family to teach the dancers simple steps from Latin dances while he played Latin music, with a few American group dances interspersed. In no time, the dancers were making up their own moves to match the upbeat tempos.

While attendance was on the low side, those that attended were quite energetic. The floor of the Field house was only empty during the water break. In addition, Don Sol provided chips and salsa and the Latino drink horchata, a milky drink made from rice, milk, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Though it began small, this dance will hopefully grow each year and become an annual event at LLC to celebrate the diversity of the college and the community.

Some snapshots from the event:

All photos by Leah Oathout

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