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Number of the feast

by: Tanner Garren/Layout Editor

With fall closing in and chill becoming more of a constant feeling to the body, it is nice to know one can find a place of luxury in an area as dull as downtown Effingham, Ill. Back in April, a bright spark of blue light came to its streets and has been drawing people in like moths since, and with good reason. How could one resist being curious at the sight of smiling faces on a patio eating big cheeseburgers and sipping a beer? The curiosity is just the beginning of this small but sweet adventure; a glance around the building is a surprising sight in itself from the art in front of the windows to the large lounge area. That person knows in their brain and throbbing, hungry stomach that they must enter Two 21.


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Two 21 is located on 221 W. Jefferson Avenue; home of what used to be Rexroats Distinctive Dining, a restaurant that closed down a few years ago. John and Margie Henderson, along with colleague Scott McDevitt, decided to revive the restaurant; only this time with a new name and new atmosphere, not only for the restaurant itself, but also for downtown Effingham. Trevor Arsenault, Two 21’s general manager, explained that the idea for Two 21 was to keep a lot of what Rexroats used to have, specifically the dining and pub areas.

“We want to add some kind of spark with a touch of sophistication,” said Arsenault.

Already Two 21 is showing that it does put more pizazz and worth into the downtown area with live bands on the weekends, its aura of drink and dinner specials with signature items and NFL Sunday ticket for football fans.

On top of its success so far, not even a year into business and Two 21 has made its way into becoming a member of the Effingham Chamber of Commerce. Due to this, Two 21 is having a grand re-opening sometime in the next couple of months to celebrate this achievement. It is highly recommended for everyone to come and try Two 21; not only for great food, fun yet classy atmosphere and overall business for the restaurant, but also because Two 21 may just be the focal point of what revitalizes downtown Effingham, so why not go where it all will started?

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