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Open Mic Night: Dinner and a Show!

by: Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writer

open mic common grounds

Outside home of Open Mic night, Common Grounds.
Photo by Dakota Pruemer

How does being entertained by live local performers sound? How about performing in front of others? If either of these activities sound interesting, Common Grounds in Mattoon is the place to experience both. Common Grounds has been hosting open mic nights starring local bands, comedians and a variety of different forms of entertainment. On the nights they do have open mic, you have a good chance of seeing some of the following bands: Old Fox Road, Ashland, Sidelined, Capys, and Hometown Heavyweights. These bands have performed at several other venues which means they have plenty of practice. One can also find these bands on Facebook and YouTube. However, live entertainment is not the only thing Common Grounds has to offer. They also serve coffee, deli sandwiches, and many other food items to choose from. On October 25th there was a Halloween event costume party that lasted from 6-10 p.m., with many of these bands performing that night. If you are interested in going to one of these events you can find out information on Common Grounds website, or Facebook page. If you are looking to sign up though, you should message Kyle Gipson on Facebook. Gipson works at Common Grounds and is in charge of setting up these events with the help of his friends. His reasoning for putting all this together was to keep people, and himself, from becoming bored. Gipson said that when he was younger whenever he got bored, he would end up finding himself in trouble. Since he did not want other people to go through what he did he took an opportunity and made these great events out of it. Kyle also had influence from the Portland, Oregon scene, where local bands often play in coffee shops. Nirvana had some of their first live performances in such coffee shops. One of the acts could become the next big thing and come from the same background, starting at our own coffee shops. So come on down to Common Grounds, buy a coffee and sandwich, and watch local entertainment; one is not likely to be disappointed!

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