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Underrated importance

A program everyone uses and does not know about

by: Aaron Novak/Editor-in Chief

HLC Sticker.

Accreditation logo courtesy from Paula Rosine

There are plenty of programs and clubs at Lake Land whose number one goal is the aid of the student body and functions related to students. All sorts of students are represented and others have their own organizations to be themselves. When it comes to money, the only program that seems to be available is the Financial Aid office in Webb Hall, though this is not true. There is a program fighting for the student’s wallets and their future called Accreditation.

This program goes hand in hand with financial aid, transfer opportunities and service to students. So much importance goes into this chapter of Lake Land’s organizations yet so few know it exists, and even fewer know exactly what it does. Accreditation can be described as the integrity of the school. Countless universities across the country have this program with each varying by staff. An accredited college is one of prestige, as it has to pass a sort of inspection to be given the accredited status. This is to make sure that quality service is guaranteed to the students of the institution.

At Lake Land, Accreditation is a necessity, as going on to a four year college or earning an important degree are aided with this process. Because Lake Land has this program, the college is geared with degrees that will look great on a resume and to future employers. Accreditation also puts students on a path that will get degrees that other colleges will continue with.

As it stands, Lake Land College is currently an accredited school. The next “inspection” will be in the spring of 2014. This means that if Lake Land does not meet the criteria to be an accredited school, there will be a lot of changes. For one, the amount of degrees offered would be cut down. It is uncertain as to how many, but it has the possibility to be drastic. With that in mind, the degrees offered to places like the Kluthe Center in Effingham would more than likely be cut as well, due to the fact that about five percent of the degrees offered go to distanced campus’ like the Effingham institution. This would also make transferring much more difficult, as Accreditation increases the chances of credits going from one campus to another.

In order to keep all of the benefits Accreditation has to offer, learn more about it. The best weapon in the academic world is knowledge and a Ticonderoga. To learn more about Accreditation, look for the “Justice League LLC” members around campus who wear the blue Accreditation t-shirts or go on the Lake Land College website.

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