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Console Wars

Playstation vs. Xbox

by: Adam Hostetter/Sports and Entertainment Editor


There are few significant changes to either controller.
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A war has brought its third wave upon us. Yes, the battle between Sony and Microsoft is becoming fierce as the next generation of each company’s main console is being released this month. The leading warrior for Sony is the PlayStation 4, with a redesigned controller and architecture constructed to ease the difficulty of developing for game studios. Across the battlefield is Microsoft’s Xbox One, claiming the Kinect standard with the console and cross integration with products usually not involved with a game console.

The Xbox One, selling for $499.99 at launch, is featuring for more than just games, with connectivity to Windows, iOS, and Android devices and the ability to connect to your cable or satellite box. Also new to Xbox are apps, voice commands, Skype integration, and side-by-side programs (aka playing a game while watching cable on screen). The Kinect will come with the console, with updated hardware and software as well as a camera. Earlier this year Microsoft came under fire because their original plans for the Xbox One required the console to connect online once every twenty four hours and essentially blocked the ability to play used games, but due to a public backlash these restrictions were removed. Xbox One claims to be the official console of the NFL, with new integration of sports. Xbox Live is also receiving updates, implementing a reputation system to keep those annoying gamers out of the way.

The PlayStation 4 on the other hand, undercuts Xbox One at $399.99 and goes on sale before its rival. Sony completely renovated the architecture of the console for game developers; older PlayStation consoles were viciously difficult for game makers. In addition to this, Sony has implemented several new aspects to its platform. Preference learning and suggestions in its online store, being able to play while the console downloads updates or new games, remote play with the PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation 4 is more social than its predecessor, giving players updates about their friends, favorite game creators, or even game genres. The Dualshock 4 has a “Share” button which can provide live footage of an awesome shot of a first person shooter or a funny scene in a platformer. Sony also boasts connectivity to iOS and Android phones using its PlayStation app to “view in game items, purchase PS4 games and download them directly to the console at home, or remotely watch the gameplay of other gamers playing on their devices.” However, PlayStation 4 owners must own a PlayStation Plus membership to connect to online servers, something PlayStation 3 gamers could work around. Despite this PS4 contains the larger lineup of games compared to the Xbox One.

After a long wait, the future of gaming is finally here. No matter which side of the war you are on, this no doubt will mark a new era of video games and the fruits they will hold.

The PlayStation 4 by Sony goes on sale Nov. 15 while Microsoft’s Xbox One is released later on Nov. 22.

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