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Lake Land College’s student trustee honored as sole community college Student Laureate


Kolten Postin, Moweaqua, was named as the sole community college recipient of the Lincoln Academy’s Student Laureate Award in the state of Illinois. He is pictured here with Lake Land College Vice President for Student Services Tina Stovall.

Lake Land College’s student trustee, Kolten Postin of Moweaqua, was named the sole community college recipient of 
the Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award for the state of Illinois. Postin recently accepted his award at the annual Student Laureate Convocation held at the Old State Capitol State Historic Site in Springfield.
The Lincoln Academy’s Student Laureate Awards are presented for excellence in curricular and extracurricular activities. At the Student Laureate Convocation, Postin, along with a senior from each of the four-year, degree-granting colleges and universities in Illinois received a Student Laureate Medallion, along with an honorarium check and certificate of achievement.  This event marked the 39th year that students have been honored by the Academy.
“These students have exhibited a personal commitment to excel as seen by their remarkable academic accomplishments,” said Governor Pat Quinn. “They serve as role models to all Illinois students. With hard-working and dedicated young leaders such as these, Illinois and the rest of the nation can look forward to a bright future.”
According to Lake Land College Vice President of Student Services, Tina Stovall, Lake Land College was pleased to recognize Postin as an outstanding second-year student and to nominate him for the Student Laureate Award.
“Kolten has demonstrated excellence in both curricular and extracurricular activities and his leadership and communication skills are outstanding,” said Stovall.
Following his high school graduation in 2012, Postin began attending Lake Land College to major in agriculture in August of that same year and quickly became involved in campus activities. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa honors fraternity and currently serves as president for the Agriculture Transfer Club. He is also a member of the Post-Secondary Agriculture Student Club. As a member of the Student Government Association (SGA), Postin works closely with the other student governors to interact with students across the college to hear their concerns and be their voice in college decisions. He is currently active with SGA’s plan to consider establishing a smoke-free campus. Postin was recently accepted to the college’s Honors Program and will be participating in a study abroad experience in Belize during the semester break.
“In spring 2013, Kolten was elected by his fellow students to serve as the student member of the Lake Land College Board of Trustees. As student trustee, Postin is well informed about both student needs and college business and is able to serve as a strong liaison between the students and the board,” said Stovall. “He is well prepared and takes an active role in board meetings.”
According to Stovall, in the early months of his trustee service, Postin shared his interest in completing a project that would allow him to leave something behind for the next generation of students at the college. Based on an outstanding experience he had with a summer internship, he has been working with two major agriculture companies to establish 
internship opportunities for future students. His involvement has included meeting individually with leaders in each of the agriculture companies, meeting with college faculty and administrators and leading a joint meeting between the two groups. Already, he has been successful in initiating a partnership between the college and one of the companies and he will be working with the other company during the spring semester. 
Postin also has been active with the ICCB Student Advisory Committee and has demonstrated his interest and knowledge in addressing statewide issues and concerns.
“He is skilled at considering various perspectives and seeks to ensure that the voices of the community college students he represents are heard on important issues,” said Lake Land College President Josh Bullock.
Additionally, Postin serves on the SAC Legislative and Local Issues Committees and hopes to be selected as the student member for either the ICCB Finance or Research Committees.
Postin grew up in a farm family and learned to appreciate farm work at an early age. In addition to his many responsibilities as a student and as a student leader for the college, he continues to work for a local farmer and describes how that work contributes to his overall well-being, which helps him be a stronger student and leader.
Postin’s extracurricular involvement is supported by his academic success. He holds a 3.76 college GPA and is completing the requirements for graduation and successful transfer to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where he will continue to major in agriculture with interests in Agriculture Economics and Agronomy. He plans to continue college through completion of a master’s degree.
“Kolten serves as an excellent role model for students of all ages,” said Bullock. “His love for learning and his desire to contribut
e to the world and make a difference for others is contagious. He is an outstanding leader and representative for Lake Land College students, an outstanding leader and representative for all community college students throughout the state of Illinois and a well-deserved recipient for the distinguished Student Laureate Award.”

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