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A talk with Coach Porter

Land Land’s Volleyball

by: Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writer


Volleyball team at practice.
photo by Dakota Pruemer

If you have not heard yet, Lake Land’s volleyball team is having an extremely successful season this year. The team has had a total of 25 wins and five loses. The volleyball team as a whole has improved a lot since preseason and continue to get better with each practice. Cleuza Porto, who is an outside hitter, is ranked second in the nation in kills for this season. For those who do not know a kill is another name for spike. There has been a number of challenges this season for the team, but head coach Amory Porter said that the hardest game so far has been against Jolly Logan. Both teams had won two matches, but Lake Land came back in the fifth game to win. How the girls practice certainly carries over into the games. Porter said that the team went through a slump during a tournament and lost a couple of games. Porter also said that at the next practice the team talked about what they needed to do and they all promised to work harder and be more committed than ever. This paid off because it led to an amazing 12 match winning streak. As far as winning records go, this is the most outstanding team Porter has coached.

Coach Porter has been a college coach for seven years now at Lake Land, four of those as the head coach. Before Lake Land College, Porter coached a travel USA club volleyball in the Effingham and Charleston areas. He pulls a lot of his coaching material from coaching seminars, reading, and videos. He is always looking for new information about volleyball and loves learning about it. Porter’s favorite volleyball coach is Hugh McCutheon, who was the former coach of the men’s and women’s national volleyball teams. McCutheon is also now the present women’s volleyball coach at the University of Minnesota. The reason why Coach Porter likes McCutheon is because McCutheon has come up with a lot of techniques for improving volleyball strategies. Coach Porter first got involved with volleyball when he was a senior in high school. He played various intermural programs and has been passionate about the sport ever since.

Make sure you come out and support the volleyball team at their next home game!

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