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Abby’s Chronicles

Chapter One: The Train

by: Adam Hostetter/Sports and Entertainment Editor

She woke up on a train that day, remembering only her name. Her name was Abby. The girl looked around, trying to make sense of how and why she was riding the railway to who knows where. She had pale skin and dark black hair that came down to her waist. The blue jeans and a white t-shirt with some mark the girl did not recognize were her only clothing besides a pair of beat up tennis shoes. Her attention then went from herself to the train. A wall of black clouds shrouded the moon, and the darkness of the night left no trace of what lied beyond the train’s windows, leaving the train itself. It was one of those rustic-style interiors in the train, with wood trims and iron bolts and all the little details to create the feeling of stepping back in time. The dark grain of the wood, the abundance of leather, and the atmospheric lighting that surrounded Abby suggested high quality, like a first-class cabin. It was something unfamiliar to her.

As Abby was taking in her surroundings, the girl quickly realized she was not alone. There was another passenger across the cabin, a shadowed figure with a long-brimmed hat that concealed their face. A heavy, brown trench coat left no bodily outline to determine whether they were a man or a woman. The silence quickly made Abby bored.

The train surged, and the brakes screeched, but the train did not stop-it began accelerating, instead. The concealed figure did not respond to the change in speed, and Abby did not know what to do. Eventually the train’s speed did not matter, as gravity in the train’s cabin seemed to turn off. The girl hit her head against the cabin roof, and began crying in the air, tears floating around her. The figure was also floating, and although the trench coat still did not reveal anything, their hat had separated from their head. Amid Abby’s crying the girl caught a glimpse of long, flowing, silver hair on the figure’s head, right before the train stopped.

The inertia of the train may have stopped, but Abby and the trench-coated figure were still floating in the air. Both the silver-haired character and Abby smashed into the front of the cabin. The passengers felt the full force of the train’s speed. It must have been a well-built train, as no glass shattered, no trim cracked, not even a scratch existed inside this cabin after the collision. Both passengers were wailing in pain, but luckily enough, there were no broken bones, scratches, bruises, or otherwise.

Gravity resumed and they fell to the floor, still sore from the impact. As soon as the trench-coated character could stand, they grabbed their hat and concealed their shining, silver hair. Abby was still on the ground, writhing from the pain. Eventually the girl was able to stand, and at last, the door to the train’s cabin opened. The light outside was too bright for the passengers to see, and so, blind as bats, they left the mysterious train, into whatever the future holds.

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