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Clearing the smoke

A smoke-free campus for Lake Land?

by: Gretchen Neal/Campus & Features Editor

Lately, there have been some reports by concerned students about people around campus smoking too close to the doorways of the campus buildings. Lake Land College currently has a policy that states that all smoking must be done at least 30 ft away from the buildings, as indicated by the signs posted all over campus. If someone involved in the Lake Land community sees someone breaking the 30 foot rule, they are supposed to report the incident to Dr. Tina Stovall, the Vice President for Student Services. However, this is not common knowledge around campus, and is not directly stated in Lake Land’s smoking policy, so violations often go unpunished. This issue has sparked a debate in Lake Land’s Student Government Association; should Lake Land be a smoke-free campus?

SGA President Courtney Carver said that the SGA is looking into a possible smoking ban or act to promote a safe and clean environment for everyone. While SGA is remaining neutral about the issue, the organization must investigate all complaints brought to them. The proposal is still in early stages of development, and the SGA has been holding focus groups to gather student opinions on the matter. So far, they have received feedback from both sides of the debate. Carver said “Right now, it’s just about collecting opinions from the students because that’s what really matters.”

The proposal could very possibly pass, considering how many universities have switched over to smoke-free campuses recently. Carver commented that if a smoking ban or act were to pass, it would accommodate everyone. “We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome here at Lake Land College,” she said.

Comments about this issue should be directed to members of SGA or Director of Student Life, Valerie Lynch.

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