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Winter weary

Keeping boredom at bay

by: Adam Hostetter/Sports & Entertainment


Many students like to stay inside and relax on cold, winter days while playing video games.
Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Winter is here, along with its rude, unwelcome boredom. It cannot be helped; winter is a time when people stay home and out of the cold and snow. But people never like to stay bored, so some of Lake Land College’s student body was questioned on how they pass the time during the winter.

One student commented, “I play Battlefield 4,” admitting that gaming is usually more commonplace during the winter. Another nameless student answered, “I build D&D characters,” referring to the popular game Dungeons and Dragons, and went on about how his characters end up being very powerful. Both of these activities are done indoors. It makes sense, considering Illinois winters are usually dry and very windy and do not leave many opportunities to enjoy the outside. After all, who would rather be out in the freezing cold instead of being inside with a warm drink and a good video game?

Surprisingly, some students at Lake Land will brave the weather over the break. Kelsey Burgener said, “I like to run, go to the gym and take naps.” That is definitely a pastime healthier than video games. Others prefer to be leaders, such as Aaron White who responded, “I coach junior high basketball.”

Whether a person enjoys gamming in the warmth or coaching junior-high studens, everyone finds some way to keep boredom at bay. Perhaps these students’ pastimes will inspire others. After all, it is only a matter of time before the days stop being so short.

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