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Fantasy football and you

by: Tanner Garren/Layout Editor

Fall and wintertime affects everyone differently; for some it is the holiday season that is based around food, family, and togetherness; but for some it is sports! sports! sports!  Football is probably most popular for this season as fans all over the country are pop open the drinks, pour out the chips and save their voices so that they can interject the referee. One of the most important aspects of this sport to super fans is not just watching games but keeping tabs on players and their stats for their fantasy football leagues.

fantasy fb

Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

This hobby for football fanatics began back in 1963, with a partner of the Oakland Raiders, Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach, a former Raiders public relations manager named Bill Tunnel, and former reporter Scotty Stirling.  The three men started the rules for what would become fantasy football years later, but first it was GOPPPL or, “Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League.” The league began to expand when members of the AFL and football journalists started joining in with Winkenbach and his colleagues.  The league made sure every roster had a specific amount of players with specific positions from the NFL in which to participate in the league. The League still exists today and is celebrating its 50 year anniversary.

Fantasy football more or less got its name in 1997 when CBS launched the first fantasy football website and since then more and more websites for different leagues have been developed for fans to take part in.

How does one get involved?  Starting up their own league as an “owner” is a start. Recruit other owners and managers to scout out which players have the best stats for the team; the better the players are, the closer to becoming the winner of a league for the season a person is.

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