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Winter work out

by: Aaron Novak/Editor-in-Chief

winter gym

Rob Goldsmith pumping iron before the holiday gym schedule starts.
Photo by Aaron Novak

Winter break is just around the corner. Usually this means that the student body at large returns to their home towns and celebrate the holidays with their families. For the more dedicated students, winter break does not impede their work out time.

The Fieldhouse gym has long been accessible to the students of Lake Land and is abundant with a cornucopia of work of equipment. For those who do not know, the gym will be open for the duration of winter break for a couple of hours a day. Kathy Bunton, who is in charge of making the schedule for the winter gym has not yet disclosed the official schedule, but Larry Wanerski, an employee, said, “it [the gym] will be open, I think it’s Monday through Friday and I’m almost positive it will be ten until two.” Keeping that in mind, there is 20 hours a week to work out during the upcoming break, which also lends to reaching some of those taxing New Year’s resolutions. Yes indeed, in the accumulated cost of tuition, a student activity fee is included and in this cost, a small percentile goes to paying for the gym on campus.

If boredom strikes this holiday season, there is a healthy -and free- alternative to staying inside and wasting away in front of the television. Do not waste money, hit the gym this December and get a good work out in.

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