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Youtube: the future of news

by: Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writer

New has been around in various form, from single-page newspapers to television, but what is the next step in which most people consume new information? Every day, the internet takes over a little more. It allows for faster and more immediate news flow on websites like Facebook, Reddit or even Twitter. In comparing these new forms of media with the old, then these websites could be call the newspapers of the current generation with their similarly text or image-based formats.

A news source that is often overlooked is Youtube. It is considered television news because of its video format. Though there are a ton of channels to choose from, here are several places to start.

A great way to get started in the the news world of Youtube is the channel SourceFed. Its light-hearted and hilarious atmosphere is created by the six main hosts. They typically cover things that are interesting to them as opposed to the biggest stories, which keeps the hosts and audience entertained. In addition, they have fairly consistent schedule of five videos a day. Each host is incredibly unique and SourceFed is constantly expanding with new channels such as SourceFed Nerd. This channel is less about the typical news and instead focuses on more “nerdy” topics like video games, comics and collectables. With a wide coverage of topics, from to video games to comedy, everyone is bound to like something from this channel.

All great things have a leader, and SourceFed is no exception. Phillip DeFranco began making Youtube videos in 2006 and quickly became one of the most popular news hosts on the Internet with just under three million subscribers. Even though he created SourceFed and they both center around news, the silimarites end there. DeFranco has a more traditional news style but talks about edgier topics. Whether or not the audience agrees with his opinon, he is going to stick up for what he thinks is right. His schedule is more random, but there is usually a new video out every day.

The news has been around a long time and will be around for as long as humans exists. Amongst all the different ways to find new knowledge, Youtube has proven to be to be a good medium for spreading information. So get on, sift through the cats and parody music videos and check out some of these news channels. Perhaps something new can be learned; plus, news is always a great conversation starter.

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