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How to kick this semester’s ass

Going back to class and work after a long break is never fun. Besides the fact that you get to see your friends again and probably now have something to do rather than watch Netflix all day, going to class in the dreary winter is kind of a downer.

But, the semester is here and there is nothing we can do about it but make the best of it.

Over the years, I have found a few ways to make the semester awesome and instead of it kicking my ass, I have kicked its.

1. Get sleep. I am the queen of not sleeping. I have pulled more all-nighters in the last year than I can remember. In fact, this last semester, I went three days without sleeping. It was awful. I know from experience that not sleeping really messes you up mentally and physically. Giving your body time to rest does wonders for it.

2. Go to class. I know I just told you to get sleep, but you have got to wake up for class and actually go. You may think that missing one day will be okay, but after missing one, you may think it is okay to miss another. And another. And another. And before you know it, you are way behind on your studies and you have no idea what is going on.


3. Take a mental health day. Sometimes, things get overwhelming. There is nothing wrong with taking a day to mentally get yourself well. Take this day to take some deep breaths, catch up on sleep (see number 1), smile with some friends and then prepare yourself to get back into the routine of school.

4. Talk to your instructors. You may not believe it, but your instructors want you to succeed and do well! Communicating with them is so important. Not only does it show that you want to do well, but it also shows them what type of person you are. We live in a small community and you never know whom you are going to run into or whom you and another person have a common acquaintance in. Leaving a good impression on your instructors will help you develop good professional relationships.

5. Be a part of something. Lake Land offers so many different clubs and groups to be a part of. From my experience, getting involved here at Lake Land has provided me with so many different opportunities that I never would have imagined. The Student Activity Board and the Student Government Association are currently looking for members. The Navigator News is looking for more writers. Check the different clubs that Lake Land has to offer at

6. Give yourself time to relax and laugh. This is my favorite way to kick a semester’s ass. There is nothing better than when the semester is trying to get you down than to laugh in its face. Doing things you enjoy will help improve your mental health. And they’re fun. So why would you not have fun?


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