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Lake Land College announces full-time fall semester honors list

The Lake Land College 2013 fall semester academic honors list for full-time students has been released by the college.

To qualify for the president’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.65 – 3.79.

To qualify for the honor’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.64.

A grade “A” is four points, a “B” is three points, a “C” is two points, etc.


The following full-time students have achieved these academic honors:

Name                                      City                 Honor’s Code    

Jessica Wolfert            Altamont                   President’s List

Jennifer Miller             Altamont                    President’s List

Audrey O’Dell             Altamont                   President’s List

Heather Began             Altamont                  President’s List

Cody Drone                 Altamont                  President’s List

Courtney Goldstein     Altamont                  President’s List

Emily Hammer            Altamont                  President’s List

Kaytlin Stuckemeyer   Altamont                   President’s List

Ralph Belcher              Altamont                  President’s List

Shelby Niehaus           Altamont                   Dean’s List

Amy Haslett                Altamont                   Dean’s List

Laura Smith                 Altamont                   Dean’s List

Amelia Winters           Altamont                   Dean’s List

Taylor Kollmann         Altamont                   Dean’s List

Matthew Burrow         Altamont                   Honor’s List

Cassandra Frey            Altamont                  Honor’s List

Samantha Boggs          Altamont        Honor’s List

Faith Wendte               Altamont                  Honor’s List

Emily Stuemke            Altamont                   Honor’s List

Allison Wendling        Altamont                   Honor’s List

Cody Smith                 Altamont                   Honor’s List

Brittani Kauffman       Arcola             Honor’s List

Kaila McConkey         Arcola              Honor’s List

Brian Holt                   Arthur             President’s List

Tyler Day                    Arthur             President’s List

Caleb Yoder                Arthur             President’s List

Erin Tohill                   Arthur              President’s List

James Hatcher             Arthur            President’s List

Abigail Taylor             Arthur              Dean’s List

Katlynn Kauffman      Arthur             Honor’s List

Tricia Miller                Ashmore         Honor’s List

Zachariah Werden      Ashmore                   Honor’s List

Marshall McGowan   Beecher City    President’s List

Rachel Lilly                Beecher City    President’s List

Timothy Petty             Beecher City    Dean’s List

Donovan Riley            Beecher City    Dean’s List

Blake McKay              Beecher City    Honor’s List

Sara Mills                    Bethany         President’s List

Mallory Robinson       Bethany                     President’s List

Zachary Bone              Bethany                    President’s List

Ashton Doty                Bethany                    Dean’s List

Lisa Loney                  Bethany         Honor’s List

Hollie Austin              Brocton           President’s List

Trent Powell               Brocton         Dean’s List

Kayla Black                Brownstown    President’s List

Peggy Washburn         Brownstown    President’s List

Vanessa Horst             Brownstown    President’s List

Eddie Carson              Brownstown    Dean’s List

Ashton Smith              Brownstown    Honor’s List

Scott Von Lehe           Canton           President’s List

Jack Nelson                 Canton           President’s List

Joel Brandow              Canton           President’s List

David Farfan               Canton           President’s List

Armando Hernandez   Canton                      President’s List

Aaron Dodds               Canton                       President’s List

Reid Lance                  Canton           President’s List

Isaac Baker                 Canton             Dean’s List

John Egelston                Canton          Dean’s List

Jimel Houser                  Canton          Dean’s List

Jose Rodriguez              Canton                     Dean’s List

Quentin Hamilton          Canton                   Dean’s List

Bernard Voight              Canton                    Dean’s List

Steven Hook                  Canton                    Honor’s List

Jose Martinez                 Canton                    Honor’s List

Alejandro Lopez            Canton                    Honor’s List

Roy Miller                     Canton         Honor’s List

Christy Pierce                Casey                       President’s List

Baili Patchett                 Casey                       President’s List

Michaela Montgomery  Casey                      President’s List

Heath Huisinga              Casey                      President’s List

Karley Fain                    Casey                       President’s List

Tayelar Grafton             Casey           President’s List

Brian Stout                    Casey            President’s List

Kalie Snyder                 Casey            Dean’s List

Randall Daugherty        Casey            Dean’s List

Christopher Davis         Casey            Honor’s List

Cherise Boyd                Casey                       Honor’s List

Ashbie Phillips              Casey            Honor’s List

Toni Burris                    Casey            Honor’s List

Landon Ragon               Casey            Honor’s List

Lacy Maulding              Casey            Honor’s List

Allyson Stout                Casey             Honor’s List

Kimberly Claypool       Charleston      President’s List

Rachel Kerr                   Charleston      President’s List

Clayton Kauffman        Charleston      President’s List

Brandon Schubert         Charleston      President’s List

Aaron Jensen                 Charleston      President’s List

Dustin Mason                Charleston      President’s List

Vanessa Sieben             Charleston      President’s List

Ashley Johnson             Charleston      President’s List

Emily Elam                   Charleston      President’s List

Thomas Bingham          Charleston      President’s List

Kaitlyn Nead                 Charleston      President’s List

Aryel Phinney               Charleston      President’s List

Becca Johnson              Charleston      President’s List

Brian Mounce               Charleston      President’s List

Renea Caskey                Charleston      President’s List

Brooke Homann            Charleston      President’s List

Mike McQueen             Charleston      President’s List

Jacob Lachapelle           Charleston      President’s List

David Franklin              Charleston      President’s List

Kerry Frazier                 Charleston      President’s List

Michelle Campbell        Charleston      Dean’s List

Travis Zike                    Charleston      Dean’s List

Zachariah Bovard          Charleston      Dean’s List

Clayton Mahaney          Charleston      Dean’s List

Carissa Oakley              Charleston      Dean’s List

Molly Vaughn               Charleston      Dean’s List

Marney Grimes             Charleston      Dean’s List

David Morris Jr.            Charleston      Dean’s List

Aaron Stewart               Charleston      Dean’s List

David Kaminski            Charleston      Dean’s List

Kaitlyn Garrison           Charleston      Dean’s List

Alexandria Traylor       Charleston      Honor’s List

Emily Reid                    Charleston      Honor’s List

Andrew Nolan               Charleston      Honor’s List

Terry Sanders                Charleston      Honor’s List

Kathleen Dunlap           Charleston      Honor’s List

Sarah Malmen               Charleston      Honor’s List

Kylie Mumm                 Charleston      Honor’s List

Calvin Bertrand             Charleston      Honor’s List

Dakota Jones                 Charleston      Honor’s List

Assita Josiane Traore    Charleston      Honor’s List

Michael Bryant             Charleston      Honor’s List

Gage Kile                      Charleston      Honor’s List

Logan Ezell                  Charleston       Honor’s List

Paolo Mendez               Charleston       Honor’s List

Tanner Inboden             Charleston       Honor’s List

Brenda Lovik                Chatham          President’s List

Kristy Preston               Chrisman       President’s List

Rhonda Sykes               Clinton                      President’s List

Anna Thacker               Coffeen                    President’s List

Caitlyn Wade                Mattoon        President’s List

Tara Walcher                Decatur                    President’s List

Emily Bishop                Dennison      President’s List

Holly Dust                     Dieterich      President’s List

Morgan Campbell         Dieterich      President’s List

Melissa Davis                Dieterich      President’s List

Devin Wright                 Dieterich      President’s List

Jonathan Mette              Dieterich      President’s List

Amanda Flood               Dieterich      President’s List

Lindsey Ruholl              Dieterich      President’s List

Anna Grimes                 Dieterich       President’s List

Dylan Einhorn               Dieterich       Dean’s List

Derek Cox                     Dieterich       Dean’s List

Brent Probst                  Dieterich                  Dean’s List

Neil Thoele                   Dieterich                   Dean’s List

Brittany Zumbahlen      Dieterich       Dean’s List

Jill Brummer                 Dieterich       Dean’s List

Kyle Webb                    Dieterich       Dean’s List

Danielle Borries            Dieterich       Honor’s List

Shayna Meinhart           Dieterich       Honor’s List

Addam Dahnke             Dieterich       Honor’s List

Alex Kreke                    Dieterich       Honor’s List

Norberto Villa               Dixon            President’s List

Thomas O’Farrell           Dixon           President’s List

Anthony Bryant             Dixon           President’s List

Luis Rivera                    Dixon           President’s List

Ricky McGuire              Dixon           President’s List

Cristobal Villarreal        Dixon           President’s List

Donald Jacobs               Dixon            President’s List

Jose Zamora                  Dixon            President’s List

Michael Young              Dixon            President’s List

Kevin McLain               Dixon            President’s List

Alex Casarez                 Dixon            President’s List

Jason Mickelson            Dixon            President’s List

Shawn Head                  Dixon            President’s List

Alfredo Martinez           Dixon            President’s List

Marvin Lynch                Dixon           Dean’s List

Ernest Mosby                 Dixon           Dean’s List

John Collins                   Dixon           Dean’s List

Daniel Colon                  Dixon           Dean’s List

Michael Thompson        Dixon           Dean’s List

Seth Soltow                    Dixon            Dean’s List

Nelson Gonzalez            Dixon           Dean’s List

Joseph Coughlin            Dixon            Dean’s List

Eshun Norris                  Dixon           Dean’s List

David Lewis                  Dixon            Honor’s List

Richard Martinez           Dixon           Honor’s List

Domingo Molina            Dixon           Honor’s List

Lewis Dejan                   Dixon           Honor’s List

Christopher Glover        Dixon            Honor’s List

Frederick Simmons        Dixon           Honor’s List

Le’bronze Stewart           Dixon           Honor’s List

Antwain Bratcher           Dixon           Honor’s List

Troy Petras                     Dixon           Honor’s List

Cornelius Bass               Dixon           Honor’s List

Rigoberto Saucedo         Dixon           Honor’s List

Stanley Helmer              Dixon            Honor’s List

McKinley Smith            East Moline   President’s List

Reginald Sockwell         East Moline    President’s List

Patrick Worley               East Moline    President’s List

John Foster                    East Moline     President’s List

Jerry Talley                   East Moline     President’s List

Joshua Moten                East Moline     President’s List

Thomas Buttry              East Moline     President’s List

Keith Ford                     East Moline     President’s List

Michael Price                East Moline     President’s List

David Stewart               East Moline     President’s List

Kristofer Lee                 East Moline     President’s List

Lawrence Albert           East Moline     President’s List

Anthony Iodice              East Moline            President’s List

Jason Sutherlin              East Moline             President’s List

Robert Hocker               East Moline             Dean’s List

Rene Martinez               East Moline             Dean’s List

Jose Santana                  East Moline             Dean’s List

Christopher Bradley       East Moline            Dean’s List

Joseph Hernandez          East Moline            Dean’s List

Leon Wilson                  East Moline              Dean’s List

Thomas Glimp               East Moline              Dean’s List

Cleveland Thomas         East Moline             Honor’s List

Gerald Kilby                  East Moline             Honor’s List

Jaime Lopez                   East Moline             Honor’s List

Michael Johnson            East Moline             Honor’s List

Eric Davis                      East Saint Louis      President’s List

Arnold Julien                 East Saint Louis       President’s List

Rodolfo Alfaro               East Saint Louis      President’s List

Chad Wiechmann           East Saint Louis    President’s List

Lorenzo McCray             East Saint Louis     President’s List

Melvin Harris                  East Saint Louis     President’s List

Larry Robinson               East Saint Louis     President’s List

Larry Garrison                East Saint Louis      President’s List

Timothy Tolliver             East Saint Louis     President’s List

Chris Smith                     East Saint Louis     President’s List

Andrew Delonjay            East Saint Louis    President’s List

Brandon McMullin        East Saint Louis       President’s List

Corey Evans                  East Saint Louis      President’s List

Johnny Castillo              East Saint Louis      President’s List

James Carpenter            East Saint Louis      President’s List

Dorian Curry                 East Saint Louis       President’s List

Mark Lies                      East Saint Louis        President’s List

Rodrigo Mercado           East Saint Louis      President’s List

Gregory Gibson             East Saint Louis      President’s List

Chekoda Frick               East Saint Louis       President’s List

Justin Sessler                 East Saint Louis       President’s List

Roderick Williams        East Saint Louis       President’s List

Travis Gorz                   East Saint Louis       President’s List

Deon Conley                 East Saint Louis      President’s List

Stephen Bangert            East Saint Louis     President’s List

Maurion Lacy                East Saint Louis       President’s List

Anthony Butler              East Saint Louis      President’s List

Alfred Campbell            East Saint Louis      President’s List

Jonathon Hiltibidal        East Saint Louis      President’s List

Kevin Lynch                 East Saint Louis        President’s List

James Cheeks               East Saint Louis       President’s List

Edward Bennett            East Saint Louis      President’s List

Brian Hall                     East Saint Louis        Dean’s List

David Bautista              East Saint Louis       Dean’s List

Anthony Harrison         East Saint Louis        Dean’s List

Clinton Morgan             East Saint Louis      Dean’s List

Ronald Burgess             East Saint Louis      Dean’s List

David Diaz                    East Saint Louis       Dean’s List

Nathan Bush                  East Saint Louis      Dean’s List

Julio Contreras               East Saint Louis      Dean’s List

Kenny Gardner              East Saint Louis      Honor’s List

Bradley Maines             East Saint Louis       Honor’s List

Carl Hurn                      East Saint Louis       Honor’s List

Allen Pendleton            East Saint Louis      Honor’s List

David Hernandez          East Saint Louis      Honor’s List

Jeffrey Brown                East Saint Louis       Honor’s List

Earl Hopson                   East Saint Louis     Honor’s List

Derek Warren                Edgewood              President’s List

Holly White                   Edgewood              Dean’s List

Taylor Kuhns                 Edgewood               Dean’s List

Valerie DeWeese           Effingham              President’s List

Hayley Tanner               Effingham               President’s List

Benjamin Keller            Effingham                President’s List

Christopher Brown        Effingham               President’s List

Rhonda Haythorne         Effingham             President’s List

Matthew Pruemer          Effingham              President’s List

Marla Sapp                     Effingham              President’s List

Bailey Pals                     Effingham               President’s List

Megan Warner               Effingham              President’s List

Leah Sloan                    Effingham                President’s List

Hunter Keith                 Effingham                President’s List

Rachel Finley                Effingham                President’s List

Amber Gardewine         Effingham               President’s List

Blaine Reiss                   Effingham               President’s List

Stephen Powell              Effingham              President’s List

Macy Miller                   Effingham                President’s List

Ilenia Hails                    Effingham                President’s List

Kristen Slifer                 Effingham                 President’s List

Ranae Brackney            Effingham               President’s List

Naomi Gray                  Effingham                President’s List

Todd Goeckner             Effingham                President’s List

Krista Zerrusen             Effingham                 President’s List

Anna Shelton                Effingham               President’s List

Kaitlyn Gurley              Effingham                 President’s List

Morgan Weiser             Effingham                President’s List

Brennen Croy               Effingham                President’s List

Andrew Dougherty       Effingham               President’s List

Madison Fritscher         Effingham                President’s List

Jared Having                 Effingham                President’s List

Timothy Neu                 Effingham                President’s List

Courtney Mersman       Effingham               President’s List

Kallie Koester               Effingham                 President’s List

Chase Neal                    Effingham               President’s List

Kelli Utz                       Effingham                 President’s List

Hannah Zampach          Effingham              President’s List

Freddie Babrick            Effingham                 President’s List

Jami Stone                     Effingham               Dean’s List

Derek Haney                 Effingham               Dean’s List

Torrey Denton               Effingham               Dean’s List

Cynthia Stephens           Effingham              Dean’s List

Jeannetta Woomer         Effingham             Dean’s List

Jason Delong                 Effingham               Dean’s List

Rachel Gouchenouer     Effingham              Dean’s List

Joshua Cotter                 Effingham               Dean’s List

Travis Summers             Effingham              Dean’s List

Clark Williamson          Effingham                Dean’s List

Sean Martin                   Effingham               Dean’s List

Lauren Withiem             Effingham               Dean’s List

Dipal Patel                     Effingham               Dean’s List

Matthew Steffen            Effingham              Dean’s List

Lauren Horn                  Effingham               Dean’s List

Kodi Avery                    Effingham                Dean’s List

Zachary Bloemker        Effingham                Dean’s List

Tisha Niebrugge           Effingham                 Honor’s List

Alita Pinal                     Effingham                 Honor’s List

Ryan Wendte                Effingham               Honor’s List

Brooke Kinkelaar          Effingham                Honor’s List

Lana Adams                  Effingham       Honor’s List

Melissa Koester            Effingham      Honor’s List

Hannah Dallmier          Effingham       Honor’s List

Katherine Arndt            Effingham      Honor’s List

Alison Dougherty         Effingham      Honor’s List

Olivia Koester               Effingham      Honor’s List

Michael Parsaghian       Effingham      Honor’s List

Cody King                     Effingham       Honor’s List

Grant Followell             Effingham       Honor’s List

Alexis Holder                Effingham       Honor’s List

Kourtney Utz                Effingham       Honor’s List

Sarah Kramer                Farina             President’s List

Matthew Keown           Findlay            President’s List

Jonathan Herron           Findlay                        President’s List

Garrett Sparks               Findlay           President’s List

Kelsey Ward                 Findlay           Honor’s List

Sarah Henderson           Findlay            Honor’s List

Katelyn Coleman          Findlay                       Honor’s List

Jacqueline Daugherty    Flora             President’s List

Courtney Somers           Forrest            Honor’s List

Darcie McConnell         Forsyth          Honor’s List

David Huffman             Galesburg       President’s List

Johnnie Lawver            Galesburg       President’s List

Ronald Mazeika            Galesburg       Dean’s List

Thomas Barnes          Gays               President’s List

Summer Cusick         Gays               Dean’s List

Stella Moderau          Gays               Dean’s List

Hannah Lopez           Granada Hills Honor’s List

Marcus Millsap         Greenup         President’s List

Laura Roley              Greenup         President’s List

Karly Poorman         Greenup         President’s List

Leah Wellbaum        Greenup         President’s List

Matthew Edwards     Greenup         President’s List

Patricia Cordes          Greenup         Honor’s List

Macy Gibson             Greenup         Honor’s List

Kimberly McClellan Greenwood    Honor’s List

Angelica Beck            Herrick         Dean’s List

Cecelia Adams           Herrick         Honor’s List

Jerod Robinson          Hillsboro       President’s List

James Smith               Hillsboro      President’s List

Leslie Dysart               Hillsboro     President’s List

Ryan Bell                    Hillsboro     President’s List

Joseph Hoppers           Hillsboro     President’s List

John Curtis                  Hillsboro     President’s List

Richard Kress              Hillsboro     President’s List

Jeff Hastings               Hillsboro      President’s List

James Wells                Hillsboro      President’s List

Trevor Parrish             Hillsboro      President’s List

Deven Majors               Hillsboro                  President’s List

Brandon Basden           Hillsboro                 President’s List

Scott Gaskin                 Hillsboro                   President’s List

Jeremiah Smith             Hillsboro       President’s List

Justin Hintz                   Hillsboro       President’s List

Floyd Shanks                Hillsboro       President’s List

Lynden Warden            Hillsboro                 President’s List

Eric Skinner                  Hillsboro       President’s List

Daniel Kaiser                Hillsboro       Dean’s List

Eric Hardwicks             Hillsboro       Dean’s List

Travis Workman           Hillsboro       Dean’s List

Michael Cook               Hillsboro                   Dean’s List

Edward Warren            Hillsboro                  Dean’s List

Jason Wright                Hillsboro                   Dean’s List

Jeremiah Budyn           Hillsboro                   Dean’s List

Stephen Bileck             Hillsboro                   Dean’s List

Andrew Cooper            Hillsboro                  Dean’s List

Kevin Walters              Hillsboro                   Dean’s List

Shawn Perkins             Hillsboro                   Dean’s List

Rusty Matier                Hillsboro       Dean’s List

Toronto McGrady        Hillsboro                   Honor’s List

Dennis Rivera              Hillsboro                   Honor’s List

Justin Tate                   Hillsboro       Honor’s List

Richard Rife               Hillsboro         Honor’s List

James Heslop              Hillsboro                   Honor’s List

Brandon Fitzpatrick    Hillsboro       Honor’s List

Jay Clark                     Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Amy Butler                 Humboldt      President’s List

Kelsea Allen                Humboldt     President’s List

Steve Kauffman           Humboldt     Dean’s List

Lisa Hanken                 Humboldt      Honor’s List

Jessica Richardson       Hume            President’s List

Hilary Rhode                Hume            President’s List

Joseph Mundy              Ina                 President’s List

Edward Hemmer          Ina                President’s List

Billy Barrios                 Ina                  President’s List

Jeffrey Harrison            Ina                 President’s List

Delwin Brown              Ina                 President’s List

Anthony Fisher             Ina                President’s List

Oscar Gutierrez             Ina                Dean’s List

Thomas Barr                 Ina                Honor’s List

Christian Rosas             Ina                Honor’s List

Regina Bates                 Ivesdale                   President’s List

John Carr                       Jacksonville  President’s List

Nicholas Hollingsworth Jacksonville President’s List

John Dougherty Jr.        Jacksonville  President’s List

Richard Jones                Jacksonville  President’s List

Vankemah Moaton        Jacksonville  President’s List

Alex Shingler              Jacksonville    President’s List

Benjamin Robles         Jacksonville    President’s List

Josiah Shelton             Jacksonville               President’s List

Daniel Friesland          Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Brian Jett                    Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Antonio Diaz               Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Remonse Holt             Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Ryan Camp                 Kansas          Dean’s List

Kendra Conine            Kansas          Dean’s List

Rebecca Johnson         Kinmundy      Honor’s List

Kerri Hayes                 Lakewood       President’s List

Taylor Foster               Lakewood      Honor’s List

Janette Beals                Lerna             President’s List

John Tilghman             Lerna             President’s List

Jessica Dukeman         Lerna             President’s List

Tia Sawyer                  Lerna              President’s List

Chelsy Lorance           Lerna              President’s List

Myles Batson              Lerna              Dean’s List

Crystal Schrock          Lerna               Dean’s List

Bryan Harrington       Louisville        President’s List

Courtney Garrison      Louisville        Honor’s List

Crystal Edwards         Lovington       President’s List

Darren Swinford         Lovington                  Dean’s List

Austin Smith              Lovington       Dean’s List

Katherine Sutton        Marshall        President’s List

Kyle Dunscomb         Marshall          President’s List

Drucilla Miller           Marshall            Honor’s List

Elizabeth Koehler      Marshall          Honor’s List

Jared Galeener           Marshall          Honor’s List

Shadow Wallace        Martinsville                President’s List

Christa Galeener        Martinsville    Dean’s List

Daniel Gard               Martinsville      Dean’s List

Brittany Maxey          Martinsville    Dean’s List

Tiffany Beccue           Mason             Dean’s List

Kelsey York               Mason              Dean’s List

Edwin Jansen             Mason             Honor’s List

Dakota Leasher          Mason           Honor’s List

Joseph Herbert           Mattoon                     President’s List

Taira Rice                  Mattoon           President’s List

Sean Jones                 Mattoon         President’s List

Miranda Jones            Mattoon         President’s List

Lindsey Ward            Mattoon          President’s List

Casey Hughes            Mattoon                     President’s List

Idalia Barquin            Mattoon           President’s List

Shannon Switzer        Mattoon                     President’s List

Casey Gossett             Mattoon                    President’s List

Angie Crary                Mattoon         President’s List

Phillip Riley                Mattoon         President’s List

Sarah Kemp               Mattoon          President’s List

LesLee Watkins          Mattoon         President’s List

Jessica Pauley             Mattoon         President’s List

Tyler Wheat                Mattoon         President’s List

Lynn Case                   Mattoon                     President’s List

Chablis Latch             Mattoon         President’s List

Sara Spivey                Mattoon         President’s List

Andrea Hellman        Mattoon         President’s List

Jacob Waters              Mattoon         President’s List

Wun Yan Yu               Mattoon         President’s List

Lee Ngar Kwong        Mattoon         President’s List

Alicia Robertson         Mattoon         President’s List

Jenna Hunt                 Mattoon         President’s List

Megan Crump            Mattoon         President’s List

Tyler Roy                    Mattoon         President’s List

Micaela Polston         Mattoon         President’s List

Georgeanna Callow   Mattoon         President’s List

Morgan Hart               Mattoon         President’s List

Paul McCullough        Mattoon          President’s List

Taylor Whisler           Mattoon         President’s List

Alicia Waller               Mattoon         President’s List

Kyle Eischen               Mattoon         President’s List

Page Clinton               Mattoon         President’s List

Mico Gaines                Mattoon         President’s List

Trevor May                Mattoon         President’s List

Maggie McClure        Mattoon           President’s List

Austin Betzold           Mattoon         President’s List

Corey Davidson         Mattoon                     President’s List

Joseph Middleton       Mattoon                     President’s List

Brian Yoder               Mattoon           President’s List

Neil Rhoades             Mattoon         President’s List

Justin Luecking            Mattoon         President’s List

Kelsie Hinds               Mattoon         President’s List

Sarah Lopesilvero      Mattoon         President’s List

Benjamin Baker          Mattoon         President’s List

Emily Springer            Mattoon         President’s List

Patrick Bell                  Mattoon         President’s List

Jeff Hrvol                    Mattoon         Dean’s List

Joshua Bloom            Mattoon         Dean’s List

Michael Williams       Mattoon         Dean’s List

William Howell          Mattoon         Dean’s List

Nichole Estes             Mattoon         Dean’s List

Deana Scott               Mattoon         Dean’s List

Mindy Fonner             Mattoon         Dean’s List

Madeline Schaefer     Mattoon         Dean’s List

Heather Conley         Mattoon         Dean’s List

Munia Mustafa           Mattoon         Dean’s List

Aaron Hatter              Mattoon         Dean’s List

Garrett McDowell                  Mattoon         Dean’s List

Jaime Nasta                            Mattoon         Dean’s List

Brandy Scott                          Mattoon         Dean’s List

Nichele Vaughn                      Mattoon         Dean’s List

Robert Webb                         Mattoon         Dean’s List

Valerie Greuel                         Mattoon         Dean’s List

Gary Trepanier                       Mattoon         Dean’s List

Brittney Evans                        Mattoon         Dean’s List

Robert Harp                           Mattoon         Dean’s List

Shelby Peterson                    Mattoon         Dean’s List

Brianne Helregel                    Mattoon         Dean’s List

Robert Davis                          Mattoon         Dean’s List

Catherine Watson                 Mattoon         Dean’s List

Blake Huelskamp                   Mattoon         Dean’s List

Joseph Bongungu                  Mattoon         Dean’s List

Lindsey Wheat                       Mattoon         Dean’s List

Evan Brooks                           Mattoon         Dean’s List

Matthew Turner                     Mattoon         Dean’s List

Joselynn Jones                       Mattoon         Dean’s List

Jessica Ryckeghem                Mattoon         Dean’s List

Shelby Burroughs                  Mattoon         Dean’s List

Jennifer Tucker                       Mattoon         Dean’s List

Billy Ramsey                          Mattoon         Dean’s List

Amber Evans                         Mattoon         Honor’s List

April Byrd                               Mattoon         Honor’s List

Andrea Hutchison                  Mattoon         Honor’s List

Hermila Winnett                    Mattoon         Honor’s List

Kalee Kasey                            Mattoon         Honor’s List

Jennifer Fonner                      Mattoon         Honor’s List

Emily Carey                            Mattoon         Honor’s List

Heather Clements                 Mattoon         Honor’s List

Christopher Hanken              Mattoon         Honor’s List

Bethany Moritz                      Mattoon         Honor’s List

Megan Laughton                    Mattoon         Honor’s List

Kristen Bottorf                        Mattoon         Honor’s List

Shui Ting Lau                          Mattoon          Honor’s List

Baileigh Butler                        Mattoon         Honor’s List

Kyndra Tyhurst                      Mattoon         Honor’s List

Cassandra Scott                     Mattoon         Honor’s List

Chad Crowe                           Mattoon          Honor’s List

Aaron Alward                         Mattoon         Honor’s List

Treavor Taylor                       Mattoon         Honor’s List

Dalton Groh                           Mattoon         Honor’s List

DeMario McMillian                 Mattoon         Honor’s List

Jeff Gilliland                            Mattoon         Honor’s List

Katie Burns                             Mattoon         Honor’s List

Jason Handegan                    Mattoon         Honor’s List

Haley Kennison                     Mattoon         Honor’s List

Kortlan Ollinger              Mattoon                  Honor’s List

Johanna Bongungu Ilefo Mattoon                Honor’s List

Richard Musgrave          Coal City                 President’s List

Colton Wade                  Mode                      Dean’s List

Courtney Will                 Montrose               President’s List

Jason Tague                    Montrose               President’s List

Shelby Flach                   Montrose               President’s List

Philip McVitty                  Mount Sterling       President’s List

William Williamson       Mount Sterling       President’s List

Marcus Davis                  Mount Sterling       President’s List

Torian Curry                   Mount Sterling        President’s List

Jon Scott                         Mount Sterling       President’s List

Matthew Spickerman                Mount Sterling       President’s List

Christopher Riechman    Mount Sterling      President’s List

Ricky Johnson                Mount Sterling       President’s List

Johnnie Evans II             Mount Sterling       President’s List

Cody Hines                    Mount Sterling       President’s List

Raymond Herold           Mount Sterling       President’s List

Michael Samanta           Mount Sterling       President’s List

Dafniz Mancilla              Mount Sterling       President’s List

Archie Chambers           Mount Sterling       President’s List

Robert Carson                Mount Sterling       President’s List

Ja’frai Bradshaw             Mount Sterling       President’s List

Anthony Smith              Mount Sterling       President’s List

Fernando Vazquez     Mount Sterling          President’s List

Arturo Vieyra               Mount Sterling          President’s List

Victor Deavila              Mount Sterling          President’s List

Austin Onwuamaegbu Mount Sterling         President’s List

Dwane Umbarger       Mount Sterling          President’s List

James Burris                 Mount Sterling          President’s List

Ruben Riley                 Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Donta Cade                 Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Robert Reeves            Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Mario Rubio                 Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Ojo Webb                    Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Pedro Arroyo               Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Kenneth States           Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Alexander Traylor       Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Luis Serrano                Mount Sterling           Dean’s List

Nathan Heather          Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Carl Choppi                  Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Shane Howell              Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Stephen Turvey           Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Robert Lammers         Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Jeffery Hazle                Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Paul Folkins                  Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Jesse Aldridge              Mount Sterling          Dean’s List

Lee Burries                    Mount Sterling         Dean’s List

Timothy Evans           Mount Sterling           Dean’s List

Anthony Hall             Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Eric Padilla                  Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Victor Velazquez        Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Val Burks                    Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Kersy Desarmes         Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Zachary Lehman        Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Daniel Hagen             Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Nestor Rosado           Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Vuan Evans                Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Westley Andersen     Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Kendrick Sherman     Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Martel Jackson            Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Skylee Taylor             Mulberry Grove          President’s List

Melissa White            Neoga                         President’s List

Michael Baker             Neoga                         President’s List

Mackenzie White       Neoga                        President’s List

Nathanial Fetters       Neoga                        President’s List

Amy Kenworthy         Neoga                        Dean’s List

Joyce Meadows          Neoga                        Dean’s List

Derek Strohl               Neoga                        Dean’s List

Kamryn Boarman      Neoga                        Dean’s List

Blake Williams           Neoga                       Honor’s List

Allison Keck                Neoga                        Honor’s List

Joseph Smyser           Neoga             Honor’s List

Gary Nees                   Newman          President’s List

Lyssa Michl                 Newton          President’s List

Travis Weber              Newton          President’s List

Michaela Smithenry   Newton          Dean’s List

Kathryn Menke           Newton          Honor’s List

David Rose                 Oakland         President’s List

Tabitha Honnold       Oakland         President’s List

Austin Meyer              Oakland         President’s List

Morgan Tolley            Oakland         President’s List

Ashley Cavazos         Oakland         Honor’s List

Allison Craig               Oconee          Honor’s List

Jessica Mathon           Pana                President’s List

Ryan Beyers               Pana                President’s List

Kristina Pollman         Pana                President’s List

Natalie Cloe                Pana                President’s List

Amber Rice                 Pana                President’s List

Sydney Houser          Pana                President’s List

Bart Dubre                  Pana                Dean’s List

Kelsie England           Pana                Dean’s List

Sarah Boge                 Pana                Dean’s List

Deborah Akins           Pana                Dean’s List

Amanda Horton        Pana                Honor’s List

Christina Wooldridge            Pana                Honor’s List

Aaron Vandenbergh  Pana                Honor’s List

Tyson Spencer           Pana                Honor’s List

Terry Koppler             Paris                President’s List

William Magers          Paris                President’s List

Steven Potter             Paris                President’s List

Larry Lowry Jr.            Paris                President’s List

Dale Sarrazin             Paris                President’s List

Kelli Keys                    Paris                President’s List

Benjamin Pugh           Paris                President’s List

Ashlee Sinclair            Paris                President’s List

Aaron Mood               Paris                President’s List

Anthony Holloway    Paris                President’s List

Paul Harden               Paris                President’s List

Emily Johnson            Paris                Dean’s List

Ora Cunningham       Paris                Dean’s List

Kalen Pennington      Paris                Dean’s List

Karin Cartwright         Paris                Dean’s List

Natasha Cash             Paris                Honor’s List

Mallory Henn             Paris                Honor’s List

Alyssa Hammer         Paris                Honor’s List

Adam Redman          Paris                Honor’s List

Samantha Miller        Paris                Honor’s List

Kelsey Fuqua              Paris                Honor’s List

Jessica Rice                 Paris                Honor’s List

Shawn McGarrh         Pinckneyville              President’s List

Ricky McNuckle          Pinckneyville              President’s List

Pablito Hernandez    Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jordan Foss                Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jason Gaddis              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Lamont Gregory        Pinckneyville              President’s List

Robert Green             Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Sabin Lewis                Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Lester Ewing               Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Reginald Johnson      Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Ronald Ware              Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Troy Gaston               Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Carlton Ayers             Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Antonio Williams       Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Donzell Digby            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Darrick Anderson       Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Corderold Martin       Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Phillip Brown              Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Quantes Sims             Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Caly Jiles                     Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Austin Morefield         Ramsey                                  President’s List

Tyler Pryor                  Ramsey                                  Dean’s List

Chasity Beck               Ramsey                                  Honor’s List

Courtney Wall            Ramsey                                 Honor’s List

Leandre Steele           Robinson                    President’s List

John Dean                  Robinson                    President’s List

Pedro Meza                Robinson                    President’s List

Adam Brocker            Robinson                    President’s List

Donovan Dey            Robinson                    President’s List

Jose Gaytan                Robinson                    President’s List

Martin Arciniega         Robinson                    President’s List

Richard Ruppert         Robinson                    President’s List

Robert Tulicki             Robinson                    President’s List

Petro Simpson           Robinson                    President’s List

Anthony Pelini           Robinson                    President’s List

Alfred Mortensen       Robinson                    President’s List

Ruben Marsh              Robinson                    President’s List

Andrew Clark             Robinson                    President’s List

Randy Gideon            Robinson                    President’s List

Michael Hackett         Robinson                    President’s List

Darrell Stephenson  Robinson                    President’s List

Rodney Albright         Robinson                    President’s List

Andre Figueroa           Robinson                    President’s List

Floyd Garrison           Robinson                    President’s List

Damen Miller             Robinson                    President’s List

David Self                   Robinson                    President’s List

Darrin Evans              Robinson                    President’s List

James Cohn                Robinson                    President’s List

Naikia Wilson             Robinson                    President’s List

Bryan Cully                 Robinson                    President’s List

Edgar Price                 Robinson                    President’s List

Richard Tighe             Robinson                    President’s List

Ryan Plew                  Robinson                    Dean’s List

Luis Univeta               Robinson                    Dean’s List

Joshua Schweig          Robinson                    Dean’s List

Jonathan Gutierrez     Robinson                    Dean’s List

Gary Howard             Robinson                    Dean’s List

Carrvell Moore           Robinson                    Dean’s List

Francisco Barrera       Robinson                    Dean’s List

Cody Sutherlin           Robinson                    Dean’s List

Antonio Gomez         Robinson                    Dean’s List

Moses Evans              Robinson                    Dean’s List

Zachary Beintema     Robinson                    Dean’s List

Michael Magana         Robinson                    Dean’s List

George Guynn            Robinson                    Honor’s List

Wesley Rozema        Robinson                    Honor’s List

Larry Pettus                Robinson                    Honor’s List

Antonio Lopez           Robinson                    Honor’s List

Mario Cabello             Robinson                    Honor’s List

Jeffery Dixon              Robinson                    Honor’s List

Jose Malave                Robinson                    Honor’s List

Roderick Flax              Robinson                    Honor’s List

James Wilson             Robinson                    Honor’s List

Shawn Carnahan       Robinson                    Honor’s List

Dustin Drone             Robinson                    Honor’s List

Ramone Washington            Robinson                    Honor’s List

Michael Smith            Robinson                    Honor’s List

Douglas Outlaw         Robinson                    Honor’s List

Valentine Carrillo       Robinson                    Honor’s List

Buford Henson          Robinson                    Honor’s List

Sean Claeyssen         Robinson                    Honor’s List

Lamare Green            Robinson                    Honor’s List

Miguel Class               Robinson                    Honor’s List

Abdul Jones                Robinson                    Honor’s List

Ashley Wilhour          Rosamond        President’s List

Annette Ray               Saint Elmo                  President’s List

Samantha Austin       Saint Elmo                  President’s List

Shelby Jones              Saint Elmo                  President’s List

Damian Stockon        Saint Elmo                  Dean’s List

Josey Fruhling             Saint Joseph    President’s List

Jaci Rothe                   Saint Peter     President’s List

Alexis Schafer            Saint Peter     President’s List

Alana Mitchell            Saint Peter     Dean’s List

Brooke Maske            Saint Peter     Honor’s List

Robert Agney             Shelbyville     President’s List

Trevor Pruemer          Shelbyville     President’s List

Toby Gordon             Shelbyville     President’s List

Sarah Burch                Shelbyville     President’s List

Amanda Overbeck     Shelbyville     President’s List

Jasmine Bicknell         Shelbyville     President’s List

Laura Flach                 Shelbyville     President’s List

Megan Schwerman   Shelbyville     President’s List

Heather Glenn           Shelbyville     President’s List

Sara Martin                 Shelbyville     Dean’s List

John Blanco                Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Keshia Newton           Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Sara Reber                  Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Cady Sanborn            Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Andrew Smith            Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Kurtis Cameron          Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Blake Compton          Shelbyville     Honor’s List

Hannah Fogleman    Shelbyville     Honor’s List

Dakota Pruemer         Shelbyville     Honor’s List

Cinnae Martin             Shelbyville     Honor’s List

Lauren Sims               Shelbyville     Honor’s List

Frank Slowik               Sheridan        President’s List

Dylan Tabbert            Shumway         President’s List

Braydon Braun           Shumway         Dean’s List

Emiley Harris              Shumway         Dean’s List

Sarah Ray                   Shumway         Honor’s List

Dustin Stuckemeyer  Shumway         Honor’s List

Bailey Price                 Shumway         Honor’s List

Rachel Gratz              Sigel                President’s List

Julie Probst                 Sigel                President’s List

Trevor Walk               Sigel                President’s List

Branden Krampe       Sigel                Dean’s List

Ross Will                    Sigel                Dean’s List

Jacqueline Niebrugge             Sigel                Honor’s List

Lindsy Wolke             Sigel                Honor’s List

Travis Walk                Sigel                Honor’s List

Dylan Roley               Stewardson      President’s List

DarbyAnn Hewkin     Stewardson      President’s List

Robert Vail                 Stewardson      Dean’s List

James Friese               Stewardson      Dean’s List

Joni Giertz                   Strasburg       President’s List

Jennifer Sporleder      Strasburg       President’s List

Dalton Storm             Strasburg       Dean’s List

Mariah Tabbert          Strasburg       Dean’s List

Tori Daniels                Strasburg       Honor’s List

Emily Griffin               Strasburg       Honor’s List

Nicole Waldorf           Strasburg       Honor’s List

Michael Mitchell III     Sullivan           President’s List

Paige Neuhauser        Sullivan           President’s List

Lauren Harris              Sullivan           President’s List

Serena Spencer          Sullivan           President’s List

David Coe                  Sullivan           President’s List

Lucas Mossman         Sullivan           President’s List

Bryce Miller                Sullivan           President’s List

Derrick Zerrusen         Sullivan           President’s List

Andrew Brown            Sullivan        President’s List

Adriene Lane              Sullivan           President’s List

Anthony Gingerich     Sullivan           President’s List

Kris Manalang            Sullivan           President’s List

Jorjia Clements           Sullivan           President’s List

Jacob Adams              Sullivan           President’s List

Juanita Kuhns             Sullivan           President’s List

Jennifer Klukis             Sullivan           Dean’s List

Patrick Miller               Sullivan           Dean’s List

Jordan Boyer              Sullivan           Dean’s List

Kara Springman         Sullivan           Dean’s List

Tyler Stewart              Sullivan           Dean’s List

Madeleine Goss         Sullivan           Dean’s List

Dalton Lane               Sullivan           Dean’s List

Kirk Whitaker              Sullivan           Dean’s List

Austin Holt                 Sullivan           Dean’s List

Isaac Smith                 Sullivan           Honor’s List

Tazric Delp                 Sullivan           Honor’s List

Taylor Wallis              Sullivan           Honor’s List

Angel Rosado            Sumner          President’s List

Reginald Freeman     Sumner          President’s List

Kennatay Leavell       Sumner          President’s List

Terrell Horton            Sumner          President’s List

Michael Valliant         Sumner          President’s List

Marcus Calhoun         Sumner          President’s List

Charles Cavanagh     Sumner          President’s List

Ken Sowell                 Sumner          Dean’s List

Edward Johnson        Sumner          Dean’s List

Terry Kelly                  Sumner          Dean’s List

Casey Newton           Sumner          Dean’s List

Victor Cade                 Sumner          Honor’s List

James Fitzgerald        Sumner          Honor’s List

Micheal Parish            Sumner          Honor’s List

Carrell Pettis               Sumner          Honor’s List

Ryan Moore               Sumner           Honor’s List

Jerrold Rose                Sumner          Honor’s List

William Casner          Sumner          Honor’s List

Kenneth Kuzara         Sumner          Honor’s List

Robert Garrison II      Taylorville       President’s List

Travis Crouch             Taylorville       President’s List

Robert Butt                 Taylorville       President’s List

Edward Bell                Taylorville       President’s List

Kristopher Bailey        Taylorville       President’s List

James Lowry              Taylorville       President’s List

Romalice Shavers      Taylorville       President’s List

Jason Vanhoutte        Taylorville       President’s List

Daniel Junker              Taylorville       President’s List

Richard File                 Taylorville       President’s List

Darius Reed                Taylorville       President’s List

William Kempf           Taylorville       President’s List

Thomas Oakley         Taylorville       Dean’s List

William Wyle             Taylorville       Dean’s List

Michael Howland      Taylorville       Dean’s List

Kenneth Skocz           Taylorville       Honor’s List

Michael Rossiter         Taylorville       Honor’s List

Albert Tindell             Taylorville       Honor’s List

Russell Coates           Taylorville       Honor’s List

Nicholas Heuerman   Teutopolis                  President’s List

Katie Mette                 Teutopolis                  President’s List

Dylan Niebrugge        Teutopolis                  President’s List

Mitchell Hoedebecke             Teutopolis                  President’s List

Valerie Deters            Teutopolis                  President’s List

David Mersman         Teutopolis                  President’s List

Benjamin Schabbing Teutopolis                  President’s List

Haley Isley                 Teutopolis                  President’s List

Tyler Miller                 Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Lee Deters                  Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Russell Wellbaum     Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Joseph Flach               Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Jill Herd                       Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Emily Koester             Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Nicholas Koebele       Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Michael Gillespie        Teutopolis                  Dean’s List

Meghan Roedl           Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Anna Habing              Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Mitchell McMahon     Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Brandon Pals             Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Ryan Willenborg        Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Dalton Overbeck       Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Jill Weishaar               Teutopolis                  Honor’s List

Travis Nippe               Toledo            President’s List

Amanda Craig            Toledo            President’s List

Kelsey McElravy         Toledo            President’s List

Kourtney Will             Toledo            President’s List

Bailey Dow                 Toledo            President’s List

Keegan Sutherland    Toledo            President’s List

James Layton             Toledo            Dean’s List

Tiffany Farris              Toledo            Dean’s List

Mercedes Sparks        Toledo            Dean’s List

Jessica Hoene             Toledo            Honor’s List

Aerielle Stephens       Tower Hill      Dean’s List

Kimberly Manion       Trilla                President’s List

Makayla Rocke           Tuscola           President’s List

Maxwell Cannon       Vandalia        President’s List

Adonis Tate                Vandalia        President’s List

Jack Capps                  Vandalia        President’s List

Zachary Johnson        Vandalia        President’s List

William Reece            Vandalia        President’s List

Dean Stratmann        Vandalia        President’s List

Gustavo Bautista        Vandalia        Dean’s List

Jose Ramirez              Vandalia        Dean’s List

Kevin Nolen                Vandalia        Dean’s List

Jarrett Foster               Vandalia        Dean’s List

Michael Fowler           Vandalia        Dean’s List

Bradley Hause           Vandalia        Dean’s List

Jeremy Switzer           Vandalia        Honor’s List

Chris Jones                 Vandalia        Honor’s List

William Mitchell Jr.     Vienna            President’s List

Mackinze Ranson      Vienna            President’s List

Zachary Grace            Vienna            President’s List

John Myrick                 Vienna            President’s List

Lorenzo Lockett         Vienna            President’s List

Ibidapo Dada             Vienna            President’s List

Michael Patzin            Vienna            President’s List

Brandon Murrell         Vienna            President’s List

Anthony Ellis              Vienna            President’s List

Gene Perepechko      Vienna            President’s List

Julius Matthews          Vienna            President’s List

Eric Williams              Vienna            President’s List

William Rada             Vienna            President’s List

Cedric Marks               Vienna            President’s List

Bradly Simmons        Vienna            President’s List

Herbert Leshoure       Vienna            President’s List

Larry Bragman           Vienna            President’s List

Steven Freeman        Vienna            President’s List

Aurles Thomas-Brown Vienna                     President’s List

James Tourle              Vienna            President’s List

Vernell Anthony        Vienna            President’s List

Dalton Starkey           Vienna            President’s List

Keith Williams            Vienna            President’s List

Daniel Holland          Vienna            President’s List

Jamall Patrick              Vienna            President’s List

Albert Larry                Vienna            President’s List

Todd Starnes             Vienna            President’s List

Daniel Biciste             Vienna            President’s List

Daniel Sterkeson       Vienna            President’s List

David Hansen            Vienna            President’s List

Ryan Hess                  Vienna            President’s List

Carl Adams                Vienna            Dean’s List

Shawn Moore            Vienna            Dean’s List

Bleu Briggs                 Vienna            Dean’s List

Jose Gonzalez            Vienna            Dean’s List

Chance Brown           Vienna            Dean’s List

Neil Connelly             Vienna            Dean’s List

Jacob Mellema           Vienna            Honor’s List

Stanford Croft            Vienna            Honor’s List

Caleb Montgomery   Villa Grove     President’s List

Deborah Benavides   Watson          President’s List

Candice Higgs            Watson           President’s List

Jacqueline Ashbaugh             Watson          President’s List

Sally Meyer                Watson          Honor’s List

Anna Cox                   Watson          Honor’s List

Alexa Sims                 Westfield       President’s List

Ryan Meinhart           Wheeler         President’s List

Taylor Goode             Wheeler         Honor’s List

Melody Nees              Windsor         President’s List

Charley Bailey            Windsor         President’s List

Gretchen Neal            Windsor         President’s List

Cole Tilford                Windsor         President’s List

Sarah Mummel          Windsor         President’s List

Amanda Tucker          Windsor         President’s List

Charissa Lecrone       Windsor         President’s List

Daniel Fryman Jr.       Windsor         Dean’s List

Ashlee Warf               Windsor         Dean’s List

Nakita Allee                Windsor         Dean’s List

Kassandra Strowmatt            Windsor         Dean’s List

Adam Hostetter         Windsor         Honor’s List

Anson Tilford             Windsor         Honor’s List

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