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How To create an awesome playlist

Sometimes there are special sets of songs that in certain moments make us feel whatever mood we want to experience. Perhaps you have a group of songs that you would call your personal life soundtrack, and there are times when we want to just share music with others. Playlists are the perfect way to compile your emotions, what you want to say or just have music to rock out to

In order to make a playlist, it really helps to have some sort of music player on your computer. iTunes is a popular music player that most have, but others include Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealPlayer and Andriod tablets can have Google Play. There are also quite a handful of good online players including Spotify, Groove Shark or

Whenever I create a playlist, I generally try to have some theme in mind. A seasonal playlist, a breakup playlist (that most of the time includes angry, self-empowering female vocals), dancing around my apartment while cleaning playing and a make-out session playlist are all actually example of playlists that I have made in the past year.

When you have got an idea of what kind of playlist you are possibly going for, then is the time to pick some songs to put on it. You can add a mixture of genres or just keep it at the something similar. I pick about 20 to 30 songs I think I would like on and then I start to weed out the ones that just do not fit in.
Once you have got your top songs, put them in order. Now, for some people, putting them in a random order is perfectly fine but for others, putting a smaller playlist in a specific order can help guide the listeners emotions, building them up, bring them down and building back up again. I start my specific, special playlist off with a good, strong, pump-up kind of song. I like to keep my first few songs up beat and then I will add in some more emotional, slower songs in-between. Then to end it, I put a strong ending song that will stay with the listener.

Picking a playlist title is one of my favorite things. There are times when I will be lame and call a playlist something generic, such as homework playlist, but getting clever can be a lot of fun.

So, you have got your playlist. You have got your music in whatever order you want and you have a pretty sweet title. Now what?
Well, you can either leave your playlist on your computer for your listening pleasure, but sharing is caring! Burn that sucka to a CD and it share it with your loved ones, your best friend, that special someone you have had your eye on or your mother… but your mother may not like it that much, so you may want to rethink that one.

If you made one on an online player, post it to your Facebook page, your Tumblr, or your Twitter and let the masses know that, “Hey, I’ve got good taste in music.”

As a reference to go off of or just for your listen pleasure, here is a playlist I’ve created recently. shot 2014-01-22 at 4.30.19 PM

What is the best kind of playlist you have created? Let us know in comments!

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