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Lake Land College announces part-time fall semester honors list

The Lake Land College 2013 fall semester academic honors list for part-time students has been released by the college.

To qualify for the president’s list, a student must have completed at least six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have completed six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.65 – 3.79.

To qualify for the honor’s list, a student must have completed at least six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.64.

A grade “A” is four points, a “B” is three points, a “C” is two points, etc.


The following part-time students have achieved these academic honors:

Name                                      City                 Honor’s Code         

Kelly Grupe                 Altamont                    President’s List

Tanya Knierim            Altamont                    President’s List

Cynthia Mueller          Altamont                    President’s List

Stephanie Barding     Altamont                    Honor’s List

Thomas Tappan        Altamont                    Honor’s List

Stephanie Ruholl       Teutopolis                  President’s List

Rebecca Kelly             Altamont                    President’s List

Amy Fish                    Altamont                    President’s List

Brittany Simcox         Altamont                    President’s List

Zoey Slingerland        Altamont                    President’s List

Wesley Myers            Altamont                    President’s List

Chancelor Baker        Altamont                    Honor’s List

Zachary Hutson         Altamont                    Honor’s List

Debby Calvert            Altamont                    Honor’s List

Erin Victor                   Arcola             Honor’s List

Tosha Duzan             Arthur              President’s List

Ali Thornton               Arthur              Dean’s List

Todd Guennewig       Arthur              Honor’s List

Jeremy Tucker            Arthur              Honor’s List

Kody Kauffman          Cadwell         Honor’s List

Michelle Chupp          Arthur              President’s List

Tatum Hatcher           Arthur              President’s List

Frederick Jaeger          Ashmore                     President’s List

Nick Albright               Atwood          President’s List

Brandon Parrish         Atwood          President’s List

Jacob Shields              Beecher City   Dean’s List

Brandon Randall       Beecher City   Dean’s List

Sonja Gibbons           Bethany         President’s List

Justin Click                  Bethany         Honor’s List

Betsy Bogle                Brocton           Honor’s List

Randy Carpenter       Brownstown    President’s List

Theresa Carmin         Brownstown    Honor’s List

Agapito Alvarez         Canton            President’s List

DeNorris Meekins      Canton            President’s List

Monte Dual                Canton            President’s List

Lawrence Howard     Canton            President’s List

Brian Anderson          Canton            President’s List

Joseph Scott               Canton            President’s List

Kendall Bradshaw     Canton            President’s List

Jose Garcia                  Canton            President’s List

Steven Gostele          Canton            President’s List

Ramon Green            Canton            President’s List

Matthew McFarland  Canton            President’s List

Samuel Garcia            Canton            President’s List

James Delaney           Canton            President’s List

Adan Torres               Canton            President’s List

Steven Mines             Canton            Dean’s List

Damien Grant            Canton            Dean’s List

Nathaniel Nowlin       Canton            Dean’s List

Michael Schmidt        Canton            Dean’s List

Tyrail Mixon               Canton            Dean’s List

Jonathon Wilson        Canton            Honor’s List

Mario Navarro           Canton            Honor’s List

Brian Kalafut               Canton            Honor’s List

Jaime Guzman           Canton            Honor’s List

Matt Edmonds           Canton            Honor’s List

Juan Martinez             Canton            Honor’s List

Joshua Grote              Canton            Honor’s List

Kunta Nelson             Canton            Honor’s List

John Howarth            Canton            Honor’s List

Aaron Moffett            Canton            Honor’s List

Jaron Richardson       Canton            Honor’s List

Arturo Arroyo             Canton            Honor’s List

Benammi Valentine   Canton            Honor’s List

Brandon Latham       Canton            Honor’s List

Abelardo Cortez        Canton            Honor’s List

Yamil Villegas Canton            Honor’s List

Chauncey Nichols      Canton            Honor’s List

Rilan Robinson          Casey              President’s List

Jessica Vance              Casey              President’s List

Donald Osborn          Casey              President’s List

Eric Stepina                Casey              President’s List

Jessica Lee                  Casey              Honor’s List

Lindsay Nichols          Casey              Honor’s List

Taylor Robinson        Casey              Honor’s List

Steven Malehorn       Charleston                  President’s List

Adam Bonwell           Charleston                  President’s List

Stephanie Honnold   Charleston                  President’s List

Christopher Starwalt             Charleston                  President’s List

Joshua Finney             Charleston                  President’s List

Mathew Blount          Charleston                  President’s List

Katherine Weber        Charleston                  President’s List

Jacqueline Rainey       Charleston                  President’s List

Monica Goben           Charleston                  President’s List

Shannon Mavi            Charleston                  President’s List

Jonathan Thomas      Charleston                  President’s List

Theresa Waxler         Charleston                  President’s List

Micayla Staggs           Charleston                  President’s List

Darrius Frazier            Charleston                  President’s List

Jennifer Derrickson    Charleston                  President’s List

Alanah Braden           Charleston                  President’s List

Kristen Perry               Charleston                  President’s List

Sierra Headrick           Charleston                  President’s List

Jenna Hays                 Charleston                  Dean’s List

Matthew Allen           Charleston                  Dean’s List

Gideon Bardsley        Charleston                  Dean’s List

Ellyn Barber               Charleston                  Dean’s List

Cassidy Arthur            Charleston                  Dean’s List

Patricia Hansen          Charleston                  Dean’s List

Melissa Walker           Charleston                  Honor’s List

Jacob Brooks              Charleston                  Honor’s List

John Shambo Jr.         Charleston                  Honor’s List

Kory Stone                 Charleston                  Honor’s List

Bailey Staggs              Charleston                  Honor’s List

James Bailey               Charleston                 Honor’s List

Mariah Kissell             Charleston                  Honor’s List

Ross Rhoades            Charleston                  Honor’s List

Rachel Dorney           Charleston                  Honor’s List

Jordan Sharp              Charleston                  Honor’s List

Jessica Alexander       Charleston                  Honor’s List

Adam Atchason         Charleston                  Honor’s List

Aaron Tardy               Charleston                  Honor’s List

Abby Cougill               Charleston                  Honor’s List

Rosemary Quick         Charleston                  Honor’s List

Chin Liang Hsu           Charleston                  Honor’s List

Alexis Shenberg         Charleston                  Honor’s List

Nicholas DeVito         Charleston                  Honor’s List

Shenae Coffee           Charleston                  Honor’s List

Donald Taylor II         Charleston                  Honor’s List

Ashley Gore               Chrisman                    Dean’s List

Erica Hubbartt            Cowden                      Honor’s List

Brooke Barnes           Cowden                      Honor’s List

Jamie Hardiek             Dieterich         President’s List

James Purcell              Dieterich         President’s List

Molly Niemerg           Dieterich         Dean’s List

Jason Hayes               Dieterich         Honor’s List

Laura Soltwedel         Dieterich         Honor’s List

Robert Browning       Dixon              President’s List

Miguel Gonzalez        Dixon              President’s List

Ryan Fox                    Dixon              President’s List

Robert Youngblood   Dixon              President’s List

Simione Dunn            Dixon              President’s List

David Lembke            Dixon              President’s List

Ralph Pollock             Dixon              President’s List

Reginald Mosby         Dixon              President’s List

Ryan Giles                  Dixon              President’s List

David Taybron           Dixon              President’s List

Decis Cheversan        Dixon              President’s List

Shannon Barr             Dixon              President’s List

Johnny Ruffin             Dixon              President’s List

Carmelo Quintana     Dixon              President’s List

Darryl Williams          Dixon              President’s List

Bruce Miller                Dixon              President’s List

Hasan Qazi                Dixon              President’s List

Max Parra                   Dixon              President’s List

Randell Harper          Dixon              President’s List

Clyde Cowley             Dixon              President’s List

Donald Parsons         Dixon              President’s List

Frank Hale                  Dixon              President’s List

Gregory Perkins          Dixon              President’s List

Major Love                 Dixon              President’s List

Dion Hardeman         Dixon              President’s List

David Miranda           Dixon              Dean’s List

Charles Davis             Dixon              Honor’s List

Randolf Schlueter      Dixon              Honor’s List

Erick Hines                  Dixon              Honor’s List

Leonard Logan           Dixon              Honor’s List

Willie White               Dixon              Honor’s List

Jeffrey Shaw               Dixon              Honor’s List

Homer Parker             Dixon              Honor’s List

James West                Dixon              Honor’s List

Eli Kimbrough Dixon              Honor’s List

Coryell Henz              Dixon              Honor’s List

Frederick Neal            Dixon              Honor’s List

Ronald Hanson         Dixon              Honor’s List

Nicholas Bower          Dixon              Honor’s List

Michael Jolly               Dixon              Honor’s List

Matthew Crank          Dixon              Honor’s List

Anthony Flores          Dixon              Honor’s List

Marc Thornton           Dixon              Honor’s List

Anthony Hampton    Dixon              Honor’s List

Robin Snead              East Moline     President’s List

Jarvas Gordon            East Moline     President’s List

Willie Jackson             East Moline     President’s List

W T Slaughter            East Moline     President’s List

Eugene Jackson          East Moline     President’s List

Mark Porter                 East Moline     President’s List

Hipolito Vazquez       East Moline                President’s List

Aaron Sturdevant      East Moline                President’s List

James Wilkinson        East Moline                President’s List

Thomas Kidwell         East Moline                President’s List

Steve Martinez           East Moline                Honor’s List

Bruce Scott                 East Moline                Honor’s List

Wallace McDonald III   East Moline             Honor’s List

Andrew Henry           East Moline                Honor’s List

Christopher Marshall East Moline                Honor’s List

Jermaine Spearman   East Moline                Honor’s List

Connor Hall               East Moline                Honor’s List

Henry Dortch             East Moline                Honor’s List

Joshua Walker            East Moline                Honor’s List

Joshua Sillanpaa        East Moline                Honor’s List

Jonothan Ridge          East Moline                Honor’s List

William Davenport    East Saint Louis          President’s List

Seneca Hunley           East Saint Louis          President’s List

Brandon Christie        East Saint Louis          President’s List

Edward Riley              East Saint Louis          President’s List

Anthony Overlin        East Saint Louis          President’s List

Maurice Delphie         East Saint Louis          President’s List

Michael Wilkerson     East Saint Louis          President’s List

Cody Newton             East Saint Louis          President’s List

Theron Starks             East Saint Louis          President’s List

Derek Newton            East Saint Louis         President’s List

Jason Engelhart          East Saint Louis          President’s List

Ronald Evans             East Saint Louis          President’s List

Juhmal Eastland         East Saint Louis          President’s List

Dwayne Bias              East Saint Louis          President’s List

Tavarus Dean             East Saint Louis          President’s List

Keenan Robinson      East Saint Louis          President’s List

Breon Bennett           East Saint Louis          President’s List

Jason Smith                East Saint Louis          President’s List

Codey Shreeves         East Saint Louis          President’s List

Robert Visser              East Saint Louis          President’s List

Jerry Wilson                East Saint Louis          President’s List

Erik Morgan                East Saint Louis          President’s List

Joseph Trexler            East Saint Louis          President’s List

Cody Brown               East Saint Louis          President’s List

Demitrius Tate           East Saint Louis          President’s List

Mark Colp                   East Saint Louis          President’s List

David Davis                East Saint Louis          President’s List

Kevin Bailey                East Saint Louis          President’s List

Steven Stockwell       East Saint Louis          President’s List

Gregory Aulabaugh    East Saint Louis          President’s List

Anthoni Seabloom    East Saint Louis          President’s List

Larry Sturdivant         East Saint Louis          President’s List

Jared Cato                   East Saint Louis          President’s List

Matthew Benschneider East Saint Louis      President’s List

Robert Heilmann       East Saint Louis          President’s List

Charles Hays              East Saint Louis          President’s List

Earnest Goodwin       East Saint Louis          President’s List

Willard Fletcher         East Saint Louis          President’s List

Kory Glenn                 East Saint Louis          President’s List

Robert Hancock         East Saint Louis          President’s List

Austin Stewart            East Saint Louis          President’s List

Kendall Tyler              East Saint Louis          President’s List

Andrew Cook             East Saint Louis          President’s List

Anthony Lake             East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Ryan Covey                East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Brandon Walker        East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Cortez Hibbler           East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Ladarius Lott-Riggins East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

David Valles               East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Mark Rivera                East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Armado Alvarez         East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Kail Pittman                East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Shane Ridder             East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Michael Alsbury         East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Ellis Nash                    East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Robert Hilson             East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

John Strickland           East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Ryan Carey                 East Saint Louis          Dean’s List

Richard Alexander     East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Gerard Becnel            East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Lawrence Johnson     East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Anthony Johnson      East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Levi Manning              East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

William Duesing        East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

John Hitch                  East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Shedric Lee                 East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Anthony White          East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Erick Morgan              East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

John Tinsley               East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Brian Wenthe             East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

James Schaeffer         East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Patrick Smith              East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

James McDaniel         East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Steven Singleton       East Saint Louis          Honor’s List

Gretchen Hille            Edgewood                  President’s List

Amanda DeWeese    Edgewood                  President’s List

Cindy Birdsall             Edgewood                  President’s List

Breanna Hester          Edgewood                  Honor’s List

Sally Furry                  Effingham                   President’s List

Ellen Meinhart            Effingham                   President’s List

Sarah Miller                Effingham                   President’s List

Christopher Roedl       Effingham       President’s List

Travis Kline                 Effingham       President’s List

Anita Bierman            Effingham       President’s List

Cindy Binder              Effingham       President’s List

Tammie Miller            Effingham       President’s List

Charles Fred               Effingham       President’s List

John Gardner              Effingham       President’s List

Jacob Pruemer            Effingham       President’s List

Michelle Strohl           Effingham       President’s List

Gregory Harper          Effingham       President’s List

Gina Gillespie             Effingham       President’s List

Crystal Strauch           Effingham       President’s List

Brian Dust                  Effingham       President’s List

Nicole Shoffstall        Effingham       Dean’s List

Jerrod Reed                Effingham       Dean’s List

Ryan Deters               Effingham       Dean’s List

Stephanie Lidy           Effingham      Dean’s List

Megan Beatty             Effingham       Dean’s List

Erin Goeckner             Effingham      Dean’s List

George Haarman       Effingham      Dean’s List

Calina Davies             Effingham      Dean’s List

Kara Bourgeois           Effingham      Dean’s List

Connie Heischmidt    Effingham      Honor’s List

Nicole Brown             Effingha m                  Honor’s List

Autumn Bohac           Effingham       Honor’s List

Erin Bovard                Effingham      Honor’s List

Maria Carrillo Quijano Effigham       Honor’s List

Morgan McWhorter   Effingham      Honor’s List

Mitchell Dust              Effingham                  Honor’s List

Kameran Kabbes       Effingham      Honor’s List

Sara Deibel                 Effingham      Honor’s List

Meagan Stuckey         Effingham      Honor’s List

Beau Schuette            Effingham      Honor’s List

Zachary Allie              Effingham       Honor’s List

Kyle Szabo                 Estes Park       President’s List

Kimberly Krietemeyer-Volk   Farina President’s List

Alexandra Miller         Farina              President’s List

Hannah Kleinik           Farina              Dean’s List

William Prange          Galesburg                   President’s List

Quinton Pitts              Galesburg                   President’s List

Terrance Poole           Galesburg                   President’s List

Tyree Mitchell            Galesburg                   Honor’s List

Douglas Bourgeois    Galesburg                   Honor’s List

Charles Smith            Galesburg                   Honor’s List

John Riley                   Galesburg                   Honor’s List

John Lundy                 Gays                Dean’s List

Hillary McCullough    Greenup         President’s List

Camille Niccum          Greenup         President’s List

Adam Gilbert              Greenup          President’s List

Brenda Scott              Greenup         President’s List

Erin Biggs                    Greenup         Honor’s List

Leah Johnson             Greenup         Honor’s List

Mackenzie Morrison Herrick            Honor’s List

Corey Cook                Hillsboro         President’s List

Scott Stodola             Hillsboro         President’s List

Duane Giles                Hillsboro         President’s List

William Kavenaugh   Hillsboro         President’s List

Joseph Simmons       Hillsboro         President’s List

Charles Vahl               Hillsboro         President’s List

Tyler Moore                Hillsboro         President’s List

Justin Holmes             Hillsboro         President’s List

Travis Goorley            Hillsboro         President’s List

Gregory Martin           Hillsboro         President’s List

Randy Pethel             Hillsboro         President’s List

Cash Spencer             Hillsboro         President’s List

Joshua Gordon           Hillsboro         President’s List

Jason Ertmer              Hillsboro         President’s List

Craig Hatfield             Hillsboro         President’s List

Sherrod Abraham      Hillsboro         President’s List

Shawn Aultman         Hillsboro         President’s List

Kenneth Warren        Hillsboro         President’s List

Christopher Griffith    Hillsboro         President’s List

Michael Watkins        Hillsboro         President’s List

Christopher Bratton   Hillsboro         President’s List

Blake Harper              Hillsboro         President’s List

Michael McQuality     Hillsboro         Dean’s List

Scott Patton               Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Benjamin Gustafson Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Jason Pollock              Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Derrick Moore            Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Todd Pinta                  Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Fernando Dorado      Hillsboro         Honor’s List

John Boggs                 Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Casey Bateman         Hillsboro         Honor’s List

James Poggi                Hillsboro         Honor’s List

Michael Ottlinger       Hindsboro                  Honor’s List

Rebecca Reinhart       Humboldt                   Honor’s List

Keith Hergenrother    Ina                   President’s List

Darius Waters            Ina                   President’s List

Rufus Grandberry      Ina                   Dean’s List

Miguel Hughes           Ina                   Dean’s List

Michael Telkamp       Ina                   Honor’s List

De’shon Wooley       Ina                   Honor’s List

Elijah Fisher                Ina                   Honor’s List

Gary Ross                   Ina                   Honor’s List

Darrell Casey             Ina                   Honor’s List

Earl Sigle                    Jacksonville    President’s List

Adam Ware                Jacksonville    President’s List

Timothy Gee              Jacksonville    President’s List

John Atkinson             Jacksonville    President’s List

Byron Starks               Jacksonville    President’s List

Sayyid Qadri               Jacksonville    President’s List

George Evans             Jacksonville    President’s List

Joshua Schaal             Jacksonville    President’s List

Hector Villada            Jacksonville    President’s List

Damon Biffle             Jacksonville    President’s List

Rickey Black               Jacksonville    President’s List

Chris Lewis                 Jacksonville    President’s List

Jason Griffith              Jacksonville    President’s List

Timothy Poskin          Jacksonville    President’s List

Jesse Alar                    Jacksonville    President’s List

Ignacio Cantu             Jacksonville    President’s List

Abel Paredes-Martinez Jacksonville   President’s List

Brandon Upton         Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Matthew Piro              Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Leland Deviner          Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Terrell Brown             Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Joel Garcia                  Jacksonville    Dean’s List

Carlos Ortega             Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Tommy Parnell          Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Brian Jordan               Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Maurice Hughes         Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Tristen Euell               Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Edson Camacho        Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Curtis Beals                Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Le’tieles Baker            Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Courtney Lusher        Jacksonville    Honor’s List

James Massey            Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Ronald Leach             Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Conzie Tyus               Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Raymond Witt           Jacksonville    Honor’s List

David McClain            Jacksonville    Honor’s List

Bryar Rodman           Lakewood        Dean’s List

April McKillip              Lerna               Dean’s List

Elizabeth Miller          Lovington                   President’s List

Nicholas Day              Lovington                   Dean’s List

Kimberly Wood         Marshall          President’s List

Alishia Ring                 Marshall          President’s List

Daniela Schultz          Marshall          President’s List

Sarah Roddy              Martinsville    President’s List

Matthew Toner          Martinsville    President’s List

Miranda Wilson         Martinsville    Dean’s List

Robin Cornell             Martinsville    Dean’s List

Kyle Perisho               Martinsville    Honor’s List

Chris Dodd                 Martinsville    Honor’s List

Cora Kollman             Mason             Honor’s List

Joyce Carmona          Mattoon         President’s List

Teena Musson           Mattoon         President’s List

Mark Lucier                 Mattoon         President’s List

Jackie Wake                Mattoon         President’s List

Kendra Bradbury        Mattoon         President’s List

Janice Sullivan            Mattoon         President’s List

Lindsay Burch            Mattoon         President’s List

Jaime Jones                 Mattoon         President’s List

Tina Bryson                Mattoon         President’s List

Christopher Hargis     Mattoon         President’s List

Cassie Riley                Mattoon         President’s List

Natasha Loera            Mattoon         President’s List

Michael Parkhurst      Mattoon         President’s List

Jayson Whitlatch       Mattoon         President’s List

Heather Brown          Mattoon         President’s List

Kylie Wiltermood       Mattoon         President’s List

Karen Stoll                  Mattoon         President’s List

Garrett Lang               Mattoon         President’s List

Brianna Otto              Mattoon         President’s List

Kristen Boyer              Mattoon         President’s List

Jason Duhamell         Mattoon         President’s List

Kelsie Hostettler        Mattoon          President’s List

Emma Welton           Mattoon         President’s List

Mack Benton              Mattoon         President’s List

Megan Stewart           Mattoon          President’s List

Melody Gallaher        Mattoon         President’s List

Monica Schamel        Mattoon         President’s List

Sherri Spivey              Mattoon         President’s List

Davon Akins               Mattoon         President’s List

Crystal Brockway       Mattoon         President’s List

John Copsy                 Mattoon         President’s List

Stacy Shupe               Mattoon         Dean’s List

Lora Conlin                 Mattoon         Dean’s List

Gretchen Elliott          Mattoon         Dean’s List

Drew Banks                Mattoon         Dean’s List

Mitchell Sawyer         Mattoon         Dean’s List

Jonathan Johnson      Mattoon         Dean’s List

Kirstin Godden           Mattoon         Dean’s List

Jacob Barnett             Mattoon         Dean’s List

Shannon Helmuth     Mattoon         Dean’s List

Taylor Honn               Mattoon         Dean’s List

Jennifer Gowern         Mattoon         Honor’s List

Daniel Cavazos          Mattoon         Honor’s List

Kent Summers           Mattoon         Honor’s List

Tanya Askew              Mattoon         Honor’s List

Amanda O’Neil          Mattoon         Honor’s List

Travis Alms                 Mattoon                     Honor’s List

Amber Nibbe              Mattoon         Honor’s List

Anthony Cloyd          Mattoon         Honor’s List

Kaleigh Smith             Mattoon         Honor’s List

Elaina Blanco             Mattoon         Honor’s List

Sydni Lanphier           Mattoon         Honor’s List

Wayne White             Mattoon          Honor’s List

Garrett Miller              Mattoon         Honor’s List

Vidhi Patel                  Mattoon         Honor’s List

Shante Bailey             Mattoon         Honor’s List

Tahlib Swan               Mattoon         Honor’s List

Misaque Ducy            Mattoon         Honor’s List

Maryam Khastkhodaardekani           Mattoon         Honor’s List

Shawn Davis              Mattoon         Honor’s List

Mary Luna                  Mattoon         Honor’s List

Madison Miller           Mode              Dean’s List

Glenn Long                Mount Sterling           President’s List

James Jernigan           Mount Sterling           President’s List

Eric Brand                   Mount Sterling           President’s List

Sheldon Pittman        Mount Sterling           President’s List

Broderick Robinson   Mount Sterling           President’s List

De’aries Ingram          Mount Sterling           President’s List

Carlos Bowman         Mount Sterling           President’s List

Jason Chase               Mount Sterling           President’s List

Walter Vaughn           Mount Sterling           President’s List

Alberto Garcia            Mount Sterling           President’s List

Dominick McGuigan  Mount Sterling           President’s List

Fahad Khan                Mount Sterling           President’s List

Christopher Sanchez             Mount Sterling           President’s List

Ronald Palm              Mount Sterling           President’s List

Juan Tapia                   Mount Sterling           President’s List

Curry Wideman         Mount Sterling           President’s List

Nick Ogden                 Mount Sterling           President’s List

Lynn Brooks               Mount Sterling           President’s List

Timothy Thomas       Mount Sterling           President’s List

Paul Chanthalusy       Mount Sterling           President’s List

Robert Winston         Mount Sterling           President’s List

Christopher Greathouse Mount Sterling      President’s List

Michael Solan            Mount Sterling           President’s List

Muhammad Judeh       Mount Sterling         President’s List

Archie Williams          Mount Sterling           President’s List

Gerardo Ferrer            Mount Sterling           President’s List

Edel Castro                 Mount Sterling           President’s List

Timothy Grayson       Mount Sterling           President’s List

Reginald Harris          Mount Sterling           President’s List

Patrick Jones               Mount Sterling           President’s List

Michael Wilson          Mount Sterling           President’s List

Paul Jacome               Mount Sterling           President’s List

Marvis Hubbard         Mount Sterling           President’s List

Timothy Reinberg      Mount Sterling           President’s List

Thomas Riff               Mount Sterling           President’s List

Michael Lee                Mount Sterling           Dean’s List

Mario Pisabaj              Mount Sterling           Dean’s List

Reginald Smith          Mount Sterling           Dean’s List

Thomas Washington            Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Alexander Cruzado    Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Jerry Kirkman              Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Terry McDowell         Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Tony Johnson            Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Kilroy Watkins            Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Stephen McCoy         Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Gabriel Jackson          Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Luis Boyd                    Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Carlos Martinez          Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Anthony Jaynes         Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Jonathan Bartlett       Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Priest Little                  Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Marcellous Pittman    Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Joshua Smith              Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Carl Hicks                   Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Swavell Toliver          Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Anthony Harris           Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Marchello Donalson    Mount Sterling         Honor’s List

Billy Hunt                   Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Sherrod Suttle            Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Shadrach Pitchford    Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Shad Hammond        Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Barry Hodge               Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

Timothy Gentry         Mount Sterling           Honor’s List

John Bergin                 Neoga             President’s List

Amber Waterman                 Neoga             President’s List

Erika Nichols              Neoga              President’s List

Autumn Potter           Neoga             President’s List

Richard McGill            Neoga             President’s List

Natalie Thornton       Neoga             Dean’s List

Paula Jirsa                   Neoga             Honor’s List

Brittney Baldwin        Neoga             Honor’s List

Lisa Laycoax               Neoga             Honor’s List

Gregory Wines           Newton          President’s List

William McQueen      Oakland         President’s List

Karen Clapp               Oakland         President’s List

Stanford Blount         Oakland         Dean’s List

Katherine Kuhn          Oconee          President’s List

Jason Lawrence          Pana                President’s List

Kyle Maxwell              Pana                President’s List

Kelly Dressen             Pana                President’s List

Shawna Ohl               Pana                President’s List

Jodi Swisher                Pana                President’s List

Felicia Dilley               Pana                President’s List

Derek Sloan               Pana                President’s List

Dakota Shockley        Pana                President’s List

Allison Morgason       Pana                President’s List

Monica Kuhns            Pana                President’s List

Kami Lynch                Pana                President’s List

Blain Morrison            Pana                President’s List

Brittany Cloe              Pana                President’s List

Rick Martell                 Pana                President’s List

Megan Hageman       Pana                President’s List

Curtis Harmston        Pana                Dean’s List

Renae Lawrence        Pana                Honor’s List

John Vernon               Pana                Honor’s List

Megan Trelz               Pana                Honor’s List

Hannah Cushing        Pana                Honor’s List

Melissa Livesay          Paris                President’s List

Mika Turner                Paris                President’s List

Drew Wishard            Paris                President’s List

William Caldwell       Paris                President’s List

John Grubb                 Paris                Dean’s List

Mickie Cline                Paris                Dean’s List

Nathan Gorman         Paris                Dean’s List

Erica Corbett              Paris                Honor’s List

Alexis Tucker              Paris                Honor’s List

Lauren Funkhouser    Paris                Honor’s List

Randy Still                  Pinckneyville              President’s List

Harvey Finklea           Pinckneyville              President’s List

Mark Cole                   Pinckneyville              President’s List

Chad Overlin              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jeffrey Davis               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Arthur Foster              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Gary York                    Pinckneyville              President’s List

James Gouty               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jesse Calatayud          Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jeremiah Keller           Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jessie Brewer              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Corey Trainer             Pinckneyville              President’s List

Michael Moore           Pinckneyville              President’s List

Nathaniel Smith         Pinckneyville              President’s List

Paul Crume                 Pinckneyville              President’s List

Shane Marcantel        Pinckneyville              President’s List

Anthony Harris          Pinckneyville              President’s List

Hoyt Ray                    Pinckneyville              President’s List

Dmarcus Jaynes         Pinckneyville              President’s List

Santonio Sarabia       Pinckneyville              President’s List

Stephen Sallamme                Pinckneyville              President’s List

David Rivera               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jonathan Miranda      Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jermil Miller                Pinckneyville              President’s List

Willie Aldridge            Pinckneyville              President’s List

Alberto Lucio              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Lashon Smith             Pinckneyville              President’s List

Antonio Espino          Pinckneyville              President’s List

Mark Turkowski          Pinckneyville              President’s List

Leroy Wilson              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Anthony Hilson         Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jessie Fimbrez            Pinckneyville              President’s List

Richard Crowl            Pinckneyville              President’s List

Deandre Jackson        Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jacob Sprandel           Pinckneyville              President’s List

Kirk Tobolski               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jeffrey Jewitt               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Robert Crews             Pinckneyville              President’s List

Terrell Davis               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Roland Wilson           Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jackie Curl                   Pinckneyville              President’s List

Joshua Dell                 Pinckneyville              President’s List

George Gutierrez        Pinckneyville              President’s List

Randall Cottrill           Pinckneyville              President’s List

John Pappas               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Rodney Stewart         Pinckneyville              President’s List

Chris Kovach              Pinckneyville              President’s List

Corey Duerson           Pinckneyville              President’s List

Samuel Gonzalez      Pinckneyville              President’s List

Jamir Johnson             Pinckneyville              President’s List

Howki Tools               Pinckneyville              President’s List

Corey Loomis             Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Terrance Reed             Pinckneyville             Dean’s List

Christopher Ragland             Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Jimmie Anderson       Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Brian Barner               Pinckneyville              Dean’s List

Bryan Thomas           Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Ronald Moore            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Jason Brock                Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Anthony Brown         Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Charles Carter            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Jason Clay                  Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Deandre Sanders       Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Justin Jordan               Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Wesley Johnson        Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

William Harris            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Eric Malone                Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Freddie Ivy                  Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Daniel Acosta             Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Richard Robles           Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Andre Bullocks           Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Rickey Bivins              Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Reginald Clark            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Christian Lopez          Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Alex Villacis                Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Gabriel Purtle             Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Freddie Payne            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Robert Votava            Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

David Barrera             Pinckneyville              Honor’s List

Brandi Rosenberger               Ramsey                      President’s List

Jacob Harris                Ramsey                      President’s List

Travis Walker              Ramsey                     President’s List

James Franklin            Ramsey                      President’s List

Bailee Coates             Ramsey                      Dean’s List

Philip Macklin             Robinson                    President’s List

Heath Baumann        Robinson                    President’s List

Haashunn Reasnover            Robinson                    President’s List

William Brunken        Robinson                    President’s List

Rashad Fortner          Robinson                    President’s List

Luis Rivera                  Robinson        President’s List

Andrew Dumolien     Robinson                     President’s List

Howard Barmore        Robinson                  President’s List

Yancy Tyler                Robinson                    President’s List

Charles Chebny         Robinson                    President’s List

Jerrold Eaton              Robinson                    President’s List

Lydell Lofton              Robinson                    President’s List

William Tomim          Robinson                    President’s List

Ronald Dahl               Robinson                    President’s List

Guillermo Barbosa     Robinson                    President’s List

Marvin Kizer               Robinson                    President’s List

Shannon Prest           Robinson                    President’s List

Emmanuelle Atkins  Robinson                    President’s List

Jimmy Dill                   Robinson                    President’s List

Hubbard Lewiel         Robinson                    President’s List

Javier Sanchez            Robinson                    President’s List

Direlle Isham              Robinson                    President’s List

James Sweeny           Robinson                    President’s List

Jeffrey Gieseking        Robinson                    President’s List

Frank Speciale            Robinson                    President’s List

Steven Ward              Robinson                    President’s List

Liviu Babei                  Robinson                    President’s List

Erick Johnson             Robinson                    President’s List

John Oleary                Robinson                    President’s List

Joshua Centers           Robinson                    Dean’s List

Daniel Nelson            Robinson                    Dean’s List

Martin Oliver              Robinson                    Dean’s List

Erik Ecker                    Robinson                    Dean’s List

Ron Hughes                Robinson                   Dean’s List

Geomarrio Henderson          Robinson                    Dean’s List

Calvin Meeks Jr.          Robinson                    Dean’s List

Leon Marcum             Robinson                    Dean’s List

Fredi Fortoso              Robinson                    Dean’s List

Gonzalo Garduno      Robinson                    Dean’s List

Scott Novello             Robinson                    Dean’s List

Carlos Teran               Robinson                    Dean’s List

Edward Meyers          Robinson                    Dean’s List

Kenneth Cage            Robinson                    Dean’s List

Richard Ross              Robinson                    Honor’s List

Stanley Meyer            Robinson                    Honor’s List

Cantrell Rowell          Robinson                    Honor’s List

Miguel Garcia              Robinson                    Honor’s List

David Deemer           Robinson                    Honor’s List

Donald Siegert           Robinson                    Honor’s List

Adam Saylor              Robinson                    Honor’s List

Gage Siegel                Robinson                    Honor’s List

Charles Kelley            Robinson                    Honor’s List

Jose Sierra                   Robinson                    Honor’s List

Gordon Yancey          Robinson                    Honor’s List

Sergio Garcia              Robinson                    Honor’s List

Lacee Hile                   Rosamond       President’s List

Michelle Tipsword     Rosamond       President’s List

Taylor Carson            Saint Elmo                  President’s List

Victoria Viramontes   Saint Elmo                  Dean’s List

Jacqueline Campbell  Shelbyville     President’s List

Matthew Phillips        Shelbyville     Dean’s List

Sarah Duckett            Shelbyville     Honor’s List

Steven Washburn      Greenville      Honor’s List

Scott McClendon       Sheridan        President’s List

Derek Blair                  Sheridan        President’s List

Jevon Bradford           Sheridan        President’s List

Denurris Evans           Sheridan        President’s List

Leon Gilliand              Sheridan        President’s List

James Emery              Sheridan        President’s List

Donald Brown           Sheridan        President’s List

Thomas Conrad         Sheridan        President’s List

Darvis Dennis            Sheridan        President’s List

Shawn Cooper           Sheridan        President’s List

Brandon Johnson      Sheridan        Dean’s List

Tadd Green                Sheridan        Dean’s List

Cleveland Ivy             Sheridan        Dean’s List

Jeremy Davis              Sheridan        Dean’s List

Jerry Dean                  Sheridan        Honor’s List

Theopolis Owens      Sheridan        Honor’s List

Ethell Day                  Sheridan        Honor’s List

Jason Davis                Sheridan        Honor’s List

Kevin Jones                 Sheridan        Honor’s List

Thomas Pinkey          Sheridan        Honor’s List

Joshua Krolak             Sheridan        Honor’s List

Julie Herrmann           Shumway         President’s List

Nathan Doty              Shumway         Honor’s List

Allen Casey                Sigel                President’s List

Rachel Hill                  Springfield     Honor’s List

Sabrina Whitt             Stewardson      President’s List

Kyle Duncan               Strasburg       President’s List

Kyle Stratton              Strasburg       President’s List

Jamie Rincker              Strasburg       President’s List

Nathan Stremming    Strasburg       Dean’s List

Danny Matheson Jr.   Sullivan           President’s List

Haley Dust                 Sullivan           President’s List

Mark Bratton              Sullivan           President’s List

Jamie Miller                 Sullivan           President’s List

Leah Thrasher            Sullivan           President’s List

Ashlyn Gregory          Sullivan           President’s List

David Mosier              Sullivan           President’s List

Keera Ray                   Sullivan           President’s List

Samantha Brown      Sullivan           President’s List

Dorrie Donnals          Sullivan           Dean’s List

Jessica Woolsey         Sullivan           Dean’s List

Stephen Ryherd          Sullivan        Dean’s List

Kristi Gingerich          Sullivan            Dean’s List

Amanda Delp            Sullivan           Dean’s List

Roger Smith Jr.           Sullivan           Honor’s List

Jerry Erwin                  Sumner          President’s List

Dustin King                 Sumner          President’s List

Bradley Allison           Sumner          President’s List

Shawn Lucas              Sumner          Dean’s List

Allen Faucett              Sumner          Dean’s List

Kevin Warlick             Sumner          Dean’s List

Donell Ross               Sumner          Honor’s List

Delaney Charlson      Sumner          Honor’s List

Kethan Garlick            Sumner          Honor’s List

Cornelius Obie           Sumner          Honor’s List

Darrell Davis              Sumner          Honor’s List

Kema Fair                   Sumner          Honor’s List

Bryant Furry               Taylorville       President’s List

Jacob Comstock         Taylorville       President’s List

Jeffrey Waites             Taylorville       President’s List

John Somes                Taylorville       President’s List

Marcellus Murphy      Taylorville       President’s List

David Perkins             Taylorville       President’s List

Thomas Keist             Taylorville       President’s List

Allen Griffith               Taylorville       President’s List

Mark McCombs          Taylorville     President’s List

Kameron Quehl           Taylorville                 President’s List

Christopher Cary        Taylorville       President’s List

Dale Fry                      Taylorville       President’s List

Flores Rufino              Taylorville       President’s List

Norman Vassel          Taylorville       President’s List

Charles Bradley         Taylorville       President’s List

Michael Jacob             Taylorville       President’s List

Mark Kuni                    Taylorville       President’s List

Patrick Gregory           Taylorville       President’s List

Piotr Skubiks               Taylorville       President’s List

Michael Kleppetsch   Taylorville       President’s List

Jerry Buttrum              Taylorville       President’s List

Lerico Hines               Taylorville       President’s List

Michael LeSieur          Taylorville       Dean’s List

Tomasz Chraca          Taylorville       Dean’s List

Christopher Betz        Taylorville       Dean’s List

Nicholas Reynolds     Taylorville       Dean’s List

Jeffrey Kempfert         Taylorville       Honor’s List

Justin Schnoor            Taylorville       Honor’s List

Eric Colclasure            Taylorville       Honor’s List

Debra Grunloh           Teutopolis                  President’s List

Kevin Hazlett             Teutopolis                  President’s List

Cindy Buenker            Teutopolis                  President’s List

Jean Cornell                Teutopolis                  President’s List

Tracy Dennis              Teutopolis                  President’s List

Nicole Shaffer            Teutopolis                  President’s List

Chelsey Funneman  Teutopolis                  President’s List

Nicole Lundquist        Teutopolis                  President’s List

Astrid Reyes               Teutopolis                  President’s List

Leona Scott                Toledo            President’s List

Darren McDaniels      Toledo            President’s List

Jamie Butler                Toledo            President’s List

Mally Henderson       Toledo            President’s List

Rebekah Dossett       Toledo            Dean’s List

Wendy Radtke           Toledo            Honor’s List

Kimberly Hardy          Tower Hill      President’s List

Sam Ford                    Tower Hill      President’s List

Colleen Van Gundy  Trilla                Honor’s List

Taylor Beals                Trilla               Honor’s List

Kevin Riley                  Vandalia        President’s List

Edward Fondren        Vandalia        President’s List\

Warren Sampler        Vandalia        President’s List

Howard Gnewuch     Vandalia        President’s List

Adam Evans               Vandalia        President’s List

James Gregory           Vandalia        President’s List

John Brady                 Vandalia        President’s List

Shannon Williams     Vandalia        President’s List

Fernando Lopez        Vandalia        President’s List

Mark Gorz                   Vandalia        President’s List

Brian Lejman              Vandalia        President’s List

Brandon McCaslin     Vandalia        President’s List

Christopher Sons       Vandalia        President’s List

Travis Brown              Vandalia        President’s List

Chris Fendick              Vandalia        President’s List

Rocky Kilyan               Vandalia        President’s List

Lekendrick Richards  Vandalia        President’s List

Ezra Stepney              Vandalia        President’s List

Charles Tucker           Vandalia        President’s List

Shannon Hill              Vandalia        President’s List

Guy Nelson                Vandalia        President’s List

Tyler Page                  Vandalia        President’s List

Christopher Phillips   Vandalia        President’s List

Derek Starr                 Vandalia        President’s List

Michael McKenzie Jr.  Vandalia        Dean’s List

Andres Nevarez         Vandalia        Dean’s List

Kevin Williams           Vandalia        Honor’s List

Jerrod Eaton               Vandalia        Honor’s List

Timothy Rost             Vandalia        Honor’s List

Joseph Wilson            Vandalia        Honor’s List

Richard Irving             Vandalia         Honor’s List

Stephen Lake             Vandalia        Honor’s List

Robert Alvarado        Vandalia        Honor’s List

Hector Barajas           Vandalia        Honor’s List

Michael Diggs             Vandalia        Honor’s List

Derrick Graves            Vandalia        Honor’s List

James Harris               Vandalia        Honor’s List

Julius Branscumb       Vandalia        Honor’s List

Benjamin White         Vandalia        Honor’s List

Ryan Wehrle              Vandalia        Honor’s List

Keith Pearson             Vienna            President’s List

Clinton Graham         Vienna            President’s List

Casey Jefferson          Vienna            President’s List

Robert Shaw              Vienna            President’s List

Nathaniel Anderson Vienna            President’s List

Jerry Jackson               Vienna            President’s List

Oscar Orozco             Vienna            President’s List

Heural Griffith            Vienna            President’s List

David Habdas            Vienna            President’s List

William Irvin               Vienna            President’s List

Joseph Edwards         Vienna            President’s List

Keith Sanders             Vienna            President’s List

Joshua Jones               Vienna            President’s List

Joseph McGahey        Vienna            President’s List

Jahaziel Duron           Vienna            President’s List

Maurice Stampley      Vienna            President’s List

Matthew Kline            Vienna            President’s List

William Dixon            Vienna            President’s List

Ronald Reed              Vienna            President’s List

Andrew Knapp           Vienna            President’s List

Timothy Hunt            Vienna            President’s List

Jermaine Jones           Vienna            President’s List

Matthew Wade          Vienna            President’s List

Kyle Kemnetz             Vienna            President’s List

Brian Zoph                 Vienna            President’s List

Timothy Banks           Vienna            President’s List

Fermin Munoz            Vienna            President’s List

Michael Jordan           Vienna            President’s List

Tyrone Rhodes          Vienna            President’s List

Daniel Lenton            Vienna            President’s List

Charlie Webb             Vienna            President’s List

Johnny Schneider      Vienna            President’s List

Andrew Spaulding     Vienna            President’s List

Domonique Henry    Vienna            President’s List

Robert McLendon      Vienna            President’s List

Brian Mendell             Vienna            President’s List

Jeremy Beer                Vienna            President’s List

Steven Schmitt          Vienna            President’s List

Semaj Collier              Vienna            President’s List

Wesley Villarreal        Vienna            Dean’s List

Keith Rimmer             Vienna            Dean’s List

Nathan Stevens         Vienna            Dean’s List

Demetrious Arnold    Vienna            Dean’s List

Noel Sullivan              Vienna            Dean’s List

Michael Griswold       Vienna            Honor’s List

Jamal Mitchell            Vienna            Honor’s List

Todd Howell              Vienna            Honor’s List

Stoney Claybrook      Vienna            Honor’s List

David Manley             Vienna            Honor’s List

Damien Walker          Vienna            Honor’s List

Jarrod Hall                  Vienna            Honor’s List

Fareed Jackson           Vienna            Honor’s List

Lamont Tunstall        Vienna            Honor’s List

Markinus Darden       Vienna            Honor’s List

Leroy Goodwin          Vienna            Honor’s List

Antoine Johnson        Vienna            Honor’s List

James Hillmann         Vienna            Honor’s List

Drew Reed                 Vienna            Honor’s List

Gary Cerutti                Vienna            Honor’s List

Anthony Almendarez   Vienna                     Honor’s List

Nicholas Fugate         Vienna            Honor’s List

James Woodard         Vienna            Honor’s List

Michael Vera              Vienna            Honor’s List

Andre Locke               Vienna            Honor’s List

Marshall Witherspoon  Vienna                     Honor’s List

Chase Vandyke          Vienna            Honor’s List

Gerri Novak                Watson          President’s List

Halley Davis               Watson          President’s List

Kyle Kohnert              Watson          President’s List

Paige Levingston        Watson          President’s List

Steven Rudolphi        Watson          President’s List

Angela Long               Watson          President’s List

Hailey Wendt              Watson                     Dean’s List

Lindsey Slifer              Watson          Honor’s List

Shelby Lindley           West Union      Dean’s List

Brandon Schultz        Westfield       Dean’s List

Rhonda Baker            Westfield       Honor’s List

Alycia Bruce                Westfield       Honor’s List

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