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What a student ID can do for you

by Gretchen Neal/Editor-in-Chief

llc student benefits

Lucas Thomas uses his school ID card to get discounts around town.
Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Being a college student is difficult. Late nights are usually spent studying, it is almost impossible to juggle an abundance of homework and a social life and money is almost always tight. However, there is one perk to being a student at Lake Land College: student discounts.

Luckily, some businesses recognize that college students are not the wealthiest. You can find giant laundry lists on the internet of stores or programs that offer certain percentages off or special offers for students. We have complied our own list of some of these businesses in this area.

According to, restaurants like Jimmy John’s, Subways, Waffle Houses and Dairy Queens participate in certain student discounts or student-related offers. Dairy Queens do not offer student discounts, but they do allegedly have a “Student Meal Deal.” Jimmy John’s, Subways and Waffle Houses may or may not participate depending on their location. QQ Buffet of both Mattoon and Charleston offers a discount to students who can produce an ID.

Students can also receive discounted haircuts from BoRics and movies from AMC theaters (including Charleston’s) on Thursday afternoons. Other discounts, as stated by, can come from FedEx (20% off shipping, 30% off documents), Amazon (free two-day shipping for six months and discounted Prime membership), Sam’s Club and Sally Beauty Supply. Sam’s Club and Sally Beauty Supply don’t give out student discounts to anyone, but rather offer programs for students who sign up to receive their student cards (Collegiate membership for Sam’s Club, Beauty Student Card from Sally Beauty Supply).

You may not even need to venture far to find good prices on services. At Lake Land College, the cosmetology department offers services such as pedicures, haircuts, hair dying and styling starting at as little as $5. The most expensive service they offer (on-scalp bleach and tone and specialty wraps) is still only $40. Lake Land College’s dental hygiene program also offers inexpensive services to students. All appointments made by students are only $10. The dental program offers a large variety of services, such as different assessments, charting, stain removal, plaque control and X-rays. For more information on pricing and what amenities these programs offer, you can visit their individual pages on the Lake Land College website, or call (217)-234-5300 (for the cosmetology program) or (217)-234-5249 (the dental hygiene program).

Being a college student is difficult, indeed, so why not take advantage of the benefits that can come along with the worries?

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