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How the Super Bowl defines America

by Adam Hostetter/Sports & Entertainment Editor


The Seahawks played the Broncos on Sunday, February 2.
Logo from the Official NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee.

When someone starts talking about the Super Bowl, a few things come to mind. Multimillion dollar ads, team rivalries, party food, and the classic American football, just to name a few. Throughout the years this has been the one sports event that most Americans look forward to, even the ones who do not like sports. So to relish that history, here are some interesting Super Bowl-related things from years past.

In American history the Super Bowl’s ads have garnered as much attention as the game itself, and justly so: these ads, measly seconds to capture your attention during this game, are costing companies millions of dollars. Some ads are made to air only once and can be very impacting on viewers. When Apple ran its famous “1984” ad for the Macintosh, people were wowed. When Budweiser ran its “Clydesdale Respect” ad after the 9/11 attacks, people were moved. And more recently, when Chrysler aired its ads in recent years people actually felt more patriotic and unified as a nation. What an effect corporate advertising can have.

At the 2013 Super Bowl, the stadium had a blackout after half time. This almost reversed what was happening on the field once the teams started playing again. This blackout spawned rumors and memes across the Internet, the most notable was that Beyoncé broke the Super Bowl.

There are four NFL teams that have never played in the Super Bowl: the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, and Houston Texans. The Detroit Lions are the oldest of the teams, and were actually very successful before the Super Bowl came around. The newest team is the Houston Texans, which have only been in the NFL since 2002.

The teams playing in the Super Bowl of 2014 are the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. This is the second time for the Seahawks to go to the Super Bowl; the first was in 2005. When you find yourself watching the teams play and the advertisements vying for attention while you are chowing down on party food remember just how big this one sports event is to the players, the advertisers, and everyone watching.

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