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Pure Unbridled Sound

by Nathan Goodman/Staff Writer

Music is an ancient form of entertainment that has made its way to the center of today’s entertainment industry. It is present in other parts of the entertainment world as well, serving as a backdrop for movies and video games, and it is a main staple in clubs and bars.

The music industry is divided into groups called genres and music is placed in a group depending on different attributes. With such a large industry that spans such a large variation of genres, controversy has developed concerning what real music actually is. Traditionalists of music will support an idea that music is sound played by instruments or sung and arranged into harmonic and melodic patterns. This idea rules out new age forms of music such as electronic music and the currently popular dubstep genre. These types of music are created through computer a program which, in the eyes of traditionalists, does not qualify as a musical instrument.

The other side of the debate is that music is created when sounds come together to create beauty and harmony. This idea allows for untraditional approaches to music such as electronic music and other types of music that do not use traditional instruments. Through the traditional view, music is restrained to a small amount of the actual music industry. With today’s technology, most music has computer effects like distortion or guitar effects, electric keyboards and vocal effects just to name a few.

The purist view, however, allows all forms of creativity. An artist can use anything they want to create music including computers and non-musical instruments such as pots and pans used for percussion, bells and anything that can be used to make sound. This allows a musician to really explore their creative side when writing music. In fact, many songs today use the sound of wind as an ambient background effect. Since the beginning music has been an expression of emotion and passion, a way for a person to communicate and express thoughts and feelings that is not bound by traditionalist rules on how it is composed.

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