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Student’s special

College graduate programs offered at KC Summers

by Adam Hostetter/Sports and Entertainment

kc summers

Nissan is just one of the many auto manufactures at KC Summers that offers discounts under a college graduate program.
Photo by Adam Hostetter

When students go to college, money can get tight. However, once they graduate, get a job and plan out the next few years of their lives, life can get better. One of the perks of planning the future is discounts, specifically on cars. As it turns out, many automotive manufacturers will offer a college graduate program that includes discounts and more, as long as a few requirements are met. To learn of these programs, Tom Lawrence, of Mattoon’s KC Summers, was interviewed.

Lawrence said that Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, GMC and Buick all offer college graduate programs, though they are not the only ones. Most programs usually offer a discount off a vehicle’s manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), a lower rate than what is normally possible without a credit history and the option to defer payments for a certain amount of time. These discounts vary by make and model. For instance, Hyundai offers a $400 discount off MSRP across the board while Nissan’s discounts for the Rogue and Versa Note vary by roughly $500. Lawrence was quick to point out that Nissan’s program does not require a cosigner for a loan, while most of the other manufacturers do.

However, these programs are not for the ill-prepared. Almost all of these programs require proof of graduation within the last two years or proof that you will graduate within six months, as well as valid auto insurance, proof of present or future employment and payment through the manufacturer’s financial division instead of a bank. Lake Land College is an accredited two-year college, which will work for all programs offered at KC Summers.

And if you want to buy your car before you are close to graduating, the manufacturers listed provide first-time buyer programs as well. Even more, if your budget is tight and a new car is not within range, KC Summers also provides its own first time buyers programs that applies to used cars. KC Summers offers a certificate that will give you a $100 discount if you apply for it.

For more information of new car college graduate programs, first-time buyer programs and more offered at KC Summers, call Tom Lawrence at (217)-235-4136.

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