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The greenest club at Lake Land

by Gretchen Neal/Editor-in-Chief

If you are a concerned student who is disturbed by the constant destruction done to the environment, or if you are just looking to learn more about the Earth, you might belong at Lake Land College’s Environmental Club.

Jeff White, a science professor at Lake Land and the student-run club’s sponsor, believes the club is “fluid,” and said that “It’s tough to describe what it is because it’s whatever the students in the club at that particular time want it to be.”


Show your love for the environment by joining Environmental Club today!

The Environmental Club was created by White in the late 90’s, when he first started working at Lake Land. The club aims to help educate students about environmental issues and to show students how to treat Earth’s resources responsibly. The club also helps teach students on how to protect the aforementioned resources. White says “The idea is to inform students and the public about environmental issues and what they can do to help solve the problem, to help change the future.” The club has participated in many volunteer activities, including trash clean-ups, volunteering hours at nature centers and houseplant sales and t-shirt sales to support local groups and environmental organizations. The group has also helped to clean up Lake Charleston, Lake Shelbyville and some other communities, participated in a paper recycling program and donated trees to Habitat for Humanity. The students in the club dictate which activities they will participate in each semester.

Every year, the Environmental Club helps with the annual Energy Conference and sets up a display booth there. Interested students should go check out the conference (March 5 this year) or attend a meeting, which are usually every other Wednesday, but will be held each Wednesday until the Energy Conference in preparation. You can find these meetings being conducted in Neal Hall 105 at noon. On new membership, White had this to say: “We’re always looking for new people with new ideas.”

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