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The Polar Vortex is…

by Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writer

polar vortex

photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

For those of you who have not been living under a rock for the past couple months you have probably noticed a significant amount of snowfall. This increase in snow and cold weather has commonly been referred to as Polar Vortex. There are a lot of questions stirring about, including what causes this weather and why is it happening now.

According to USA Today, the polar vortex is caused by a strong section of low pressure that is typically in arctic areas during the winter. The reason it is affecting these other areas is because of counterclockwise winds that surround the vortex are pushing cold air into areas it is not normally found. Luckily, it normally dies down or stops completely during the summer, so the weather should be returning to normal.

This is not the first time a polar vortex has affected the United States weather – back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck, it was pushed towards the U.S. by pressure from above Greenland. Hurricane Sandy killed 117 Americans alone, so these storms are no small matter. As we have already experienced all this snow and cold it is important to stay indoors and be careful when driving even as the bad weather comes to an end. Good luck to all and we can only hope spring will come early this year.

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