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The upcoming Winter Olympics

by Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writer

Rosa Khutor

The Rosa Khutor Alpine Center in Sochi. Sochi is holding the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Photo from 2014 XXII Winter Olympics Games website

The Olympic games have played a part in human history since as far back as 776 BC They originated to see who the strongest and best athletes were and to show them to the Gods. However, in 1924 the first ever Winter Olympics were performed in France. They contested in six different competitions including bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, military patrol, skating and Nordic skiing.

Now, almost a hundred years later, the latest Winter Olympics will be competed at Sochi, Russia. The games have changed some since 1924 though, now performing 15 events. Some of the new events include Alpine skiing, biathlon, snowboarding and ski jumping. The opening ceremony will take place on February 7 and the closing ceremony will be held on February 23.  There has been a lot of controversy involving this Olympics because of some of Russia’s leaders’, especially Vladimir Putin’s, comments about the gay community, although they are claiming nothing will result of being gay at the Olympics.

A huge amount of money is being put into these Olympics, roughly 50 billion U.S. dollars, which goes into construction and advertising as well as many other important pieces to the games. With all the time, history and money that goes into making these events it will be interesting to see how they turn out. So tune in on February 7 and let the games begin!

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