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Abby’s Chronicles

Chapter Three: The Office

by Shelby Mitchell/News & Opinion Editor

Abby made her way toward town hall, a feat made simple by the odd number of signs pointing the way. The town was dusty and featured decrepit store fronts and only occasional passerby who either stared directly at her as she passed or seemed to not even notice her existence, no in-between. When she found town hall, it was no more impressive than the other buildings, just a little more maintained. She pushed the door open and glanced around, expecting to find at least someone in the main room, but she was mistaken once again.

The room was relatively empty, aside from a few scattered chairs and a dusty rug that looked as though it may have once been beautiful, but was now stained and torn in a few places. She glanced around at the doors on the walls, two each on the walls on her right and left. The one closer to the back of the room on her left was a set of double doors, making it stand out as more important among the rest, so she headed for it and opened one and stepped in.

In the middle of the room was an ornate desk that was empty save for a folder, a fountain pen, and an intricately detailed box. Behind the desk was a chair, the cushions a bit faded. Along the walls were several sets of shelves, all of them empty. In front of the desk was a single chair, nothing special about it, not even cushioned. The mayor himself was nowhere to be seen, so Abby made her way to the chair and sat down, glancing around.

She sat there for what seemed like an eternity, waiting. Eventually, she began to grow bored, so when the door scraped open, she nearly flew to her feet in a frenzy. She looked over to see two people at the doorway, talking in hushed tones, seeming to not yet have noticed her. One was shorter, not very old at all, probably in his young twenties, with dark hair pushed back and a thick mustache, wearing a well-tailored but faded suit. His companion was none other than the stranger from the train.

The two strangers both froze, cutting off their muttered conversation, and looked at her. She was not sure why, but she had a very strong feeling that she was in trouble.

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