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LLC Early Advantage Program

by Beth Koehler/Copy Editor

The LLC Early Advantage Program – commonly referred to as LEAP – is a program that many people have heard of, yet relatively few know it is. The LEAP program exists to assist students who are experiencing personal problems that prevent them from making the most of their learning opportunities here at Lake Land College.


LEAP stands for LLC Early Advantage Program. LEAP helps students at Lake Land College.

LEAP is a directory for students who are in dire straits. It primarily deals with assisting students who are having difficulties academically, providing information about various other programs and tutoring services that are available. However, the help provided is not limited to academic assistance – they have also led students to programs that help with monetary issues, housing, food, transportation and even provide crisis counseling. While it does not overlap with other programs, such as transfer counseling, it is a very useful resource for students who are lost and need help getting back on track.

Students usually refer themselves. Although it is possible for an instructor to refer a student to LEAP if they are aware a student is having trouble, the student is by no means required to see a LEAP counselor. “The program is 100 percent voluntary,” says Cindy Lanman. “Even if you’re referred, you are not required to take part.”

All assistance provided by LEAP is confidential and does not go on any kind of permanent record. A student may quit at any time, and this service is provided completely free.

For more information, go to the linked button at the bottom of the HUB homepage, which can also be used to make an appointment. information is also provided in the office which is located in Student Services or call (217) 234-5232.

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