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March Madness

by Brice Simmons/Campus & Features Editor


2014 NCAA March Madness logo

March Madness – the phrase many individuals cannot wait to hear. Before the games begin, one must start by filling out their bracket sheet. A bracket sheet is the way to predict who people think is going to win. This tournament is the event in which college basketball becomes truly popular. Imagine sitting at your computer or TV for about a month zoning out for at least three days just watching college basketball; this is a scene of March Madness. The NCAA tournament is the cornerstone of college basketball.

March Madness was started at the University of Illinois (U of I) and is now a popular nationwide tournament highly viewed by many Americans. The schedule can be found on ESPN. 2014’s “Selection Sunday” is on Mar. 16. The tournament’s first round is on Mar. 18-19 in Dayton, Ohio. The second and third rounds are on Mar. 20 and 22, respectively. The games will continue through to the championship game which is on Apr. 7 in Arlington, Texas.

The March Madness tournament is so popular that one of the world’s richest men has offered one billion dollars for anyone who has a perfect bracket, according to Forbs magazine. Warren Buffett’s billion dollar offer has given viewers an even higher incentive of filling out a bracket sheet and participating in the March Madness hype.

The March Madness tournaments are a big thing for Americans. It is a good event for social and economic reasons. It gives friends, family and complete strangers a reason to talk to each other and the amount of products sold during this time is beneficial in an economic stand point. This is a fun and sometimes stressful event. Even though individuals will be cheering on their favorite college basketball team and hoping that they win, they will still need to be realistic when filling out their bracket sheet. Whether or not it is your favorite team, someone is going to win, and that is what the bracket is all about. Stay safe and have fun during March Madness!

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