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Softball season in full swing

by Adam Hostetter/Sports & Entertainment Editor

With the warming weather and receding snow come eager athletes ready to play after months of fighting the most chilling winter in years. Springtime cannot come soon enough as sports begin to go into full swing this month. Lake Land College’s softball team will already be in full swing, as their season began in February.


2013 Lake Land Softball team.
Photo provided by Jennifer Forneris

Softball is a game of grit, determination and teamwork. A game of softball cannot have a team of one person and no single athlete can carry an entire team to a good record. Instead the whole team works together, and our Lakers have kept a good record because of this. The Lake Land Lakers are part of the National Junior College Athletic Association, or NJCAA, and travel from Missouri to Georgia to play. They are also part of the Great Rivers Athletic Conference. The head coach of the softball team is Nic Nelson, who began the position in 2009. Since then the Lakers have won multiple championships and tournaments.

There are many choices that take a lot of thinking in college. Choosing to be an athlete is one of them. The mental, social and especially the physical aspects of training, practicing and performing in a sports team can be difficult. That is why spectating sports like softball are a wonderful pastime.

The Lake Land softball team has nine home games this season, four in March. Those games are on Mar. 13 and 16 against Olney Central College and Southeastern Illinois Community College respectively, and Mar. 25 and 27 against Southwestern Illinois Community College and Wabash Valley Community College.

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