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The benefits of internet radio

by Brice Simmons/Campus & Features

Music is a huge part of many of our lives. It helps us in our sad times and gives us a good remembrance of the good times. That being said, how we listen to music has changed drastically over the years. A big part of the music listening experience in today’s society is internet radio. There are many internet players out there including a Samsung app that comes with most new Samsung devices, an FM radio that comes with some Android devices. Then there is Pandora and Spotify, internet music players, both of which have a mobile application and a website for use on the computer. With all the different internet radio stations the two most popular ones would be Pandora and Spotify.

internet music graphic

Pandora and Spotify are two popular internet music stations that many people listen to and discover new music on.
Graphic made by Kaitlyn Conrad

Pandora is available on your browser and, after some songs, will require you to sign up. An online music profile where you can create custom stations and listen to music is then available. The best part about the Pandora internet radio station is you can type in your favorite artist and it will play their music and music similar to theirs. Also, you can type in your favorite genre or song and it will play songs based on that.

Pandora and many other internet radio stations will have pause and skip buttons. However, with Pandora radio you will get a limited amount of skips over a certain time period. As the music is playing, the album cover and some information on the album and band/artist show. There will also be a thumbs up and down button so that you can rate songs.

The other popular internet radio is Spotify. With this radio listeners need to go online and download the computer application. Spotify does not actually have to play from your internet browser, so it frees up your browser tabs or windows. Users sign up for Spotify either with your Facebook account or email. The benefit for signing up through Facebook is that you can connect with friends, share music and see what kind of music they like to listen to. If your music selection is private, you can opt to hide it.

With Spotify you can search, like Pandora, by typing in the artist, genre or by a specific song. The defining part about Spotify is how you can make a music list with any songs that you like that are available. This means you can search a song, band, album, artist or genre and it will come up with a list. For example, if you typed in the name of your favorite album and it was on there, you could then save the album as a play list. Then it will always be there when you want to hear it.

Both Spotify and Pandora have their benefits. Whichever one you use is completely based on what fits your musical wants and needs. Both radios are free and also have a paid subscription with extra benefits such as cutting out ads.

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