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The Working Dead

How zombies can help you lose weight

by Tanner Garren/Layout & Design Editor


Zombies Run is at the Apple app store for $3.99.
Photo by Elizabeth Schaub

Attention all smartphone owners and zombie lovers, especially those who currently go to the gym or want to start: there is a special app on the market for those that want to build a better running tolerance, better stamina or just want to imagine themselves in a zombie apocalypse.  If any of the aforementioned points sounds appealing, then go to the app store and purchase Zombies, Run!

This unique app takes zombie gaming and gives it an aerobic twist.  With Zombies, Run!; the user is allowed to run or practice any cardiovascular work out while participating in a zombie apocalypse storyline.  When the first mission begins and you start to work out, one can hear realistic helicopters and people talking as if playing zombie mode for Call of Duty.  The two main characters exchange conversation, giving you a summary of what is going on in the Zombies, Run! world and progressing the storyline by explaining about supplies that are needed and what areas the user needs to get to.  Once all dialogue is done the user is able to listen to a playlist from the music on their phone while they run.  The storyline continues after so many songs to give you an idea of when to stop running and walk. When that part of the story is over, you have to start running again. This cycle is repeated several times until the mission and part of the storyline is over.

To progress in the game the story asks for needed supplies that you retrieve. These supplies come to the user during the running portion of the game, where you pick up items such as food, clothing, weapons and other miscellaneous supplies for survival.

If one gets tired of running with no sound or if they are bored with their music and love a good story, Zombies, Run! may be a good choice to help get a work out of the body and the imagination.

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