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Unroll Me

The Rolling Ball of Doom

by Adam Hostetter/Sports & Entertainment Editor

unroll me

Unroll me is a smartphone game that can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the iTunes App store.
Screen shot from the Google Play store.

Unroll Me is a game app for the Google Android and Apple iOS smartphone operating systems. The goal of the game is simple: get the white ball to the red goal. The trouble is you have to move around a bunch of wood blocks that the ball rolls on. To create even more of a challenge, the ball is rolling the whole time, so if you cannot figure out where to move the blocks the ball shatters just like childhood dreams.

This game was the most downloaded on the Android top free game chart at the time of this writing, and after playing through, I felt it was not worth it. The first 20 levels are free, but to access anymore of the game you have to pay. Just buying the next set of levels is 99 cents! If the pricing is like that for the other level sets, this game is not worth the money. There are other games that offer more of an experience for free.

Unroll Me is a challenging game, but it also borders the line of frustration. The player has no time to figure out where to move the wood blocks once the ball starts rolling, and after the first few levels it becomes more about whether you can move the block with the ball fast enough rather than finding the right path. The game scores the player with one, two, or three stars based on how many blocks moved; the more moves made, the less the score.

While Unroll Me can give a player a few minutes of free-time killing, this game is not worth buying extra levels.

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