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Business of the future

Businesses valuing their employees more

by Brice Simmons/Campus & Features

Is the business of the future better, worse or the same as the business of the past? Are companies coming to realize that happy employees and a good work environment make more productive employees? Google thinks this to be true. Imagine all the benefits you would like to receive from your job, and Google probably has it. Here is just a taste of the benefits that Google gives their employees according to Google’s website:

Health Benefits:

  • On-site physicians and nurses
  • Convenient medical services
  • Comprehensive health care coverage

Travel Benefits:

  • Google employees and their families are covered with travel insurance/emergency assistance. Including on their personal vacations

Maternity Benefits:

  • New parents get time off and some extra spending money to help them with their new child

Education Benefits:

  • Classes or degree programs that help you with what you do are reimbursed

Legal Benefits:

  • Employees get legal advice at no cost
  • In the US, they also get common legal services at a group discount

Google’s view on business is radically different and unorthodox compared to past businesses, being much kinder to their employees. But is this the best for the business and employees over all? Will it work out in the long run? Only time will tell. For now though, it is a business that current employees enjoy working at, which is a plus in and of itself.

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