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Food holidays

Because food is awesome

by Beth Koehler/Copy Editor

Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Holidays are fun- getting together with friends or family to eat and enjoy the time together is generally a good thing; however, most agree that the best part of any holiday is the food. What you may not know is that every day of the year is a “Food Holiday”, or National [insert food here] Day, such as Apr. 2 being National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. If someone is ever at a loss of what to eat for a day, checking out what the Food Holiday of the Day is may offer some kind of inspiration.

Other notable Food Holidays the month of April include Apr. 11 (National Cheese Fondue Day), Apr. 12 (National Grilled Cheese Day and National Licorice Day), Apr. 22 (National Jelly Bean Day), Apr. 23 (National Cherry Cheesecake Day), Apr. 25 (National Zuchinni Bread Day), and Apr. 26, (National Pretzel Day).

While every day is a Food Holiday, only April has a time known as Bake Week. It is exactly what it sounds like- an entire week devoted to baked goods. Bake Week takes place from Apr. 1 to Apr. 7, and in celebration, we will be posting several baked good recipes on our website, We encourage students to submit their own. May everything you taste be delicious!

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