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Helpful things to know

Knowledgeable things for the independent individual

by Beth Koehler/Copy Editor

Life is hard. Life is full of inconviniences, and anything that can help take care of all those little things in life is a good thing. So here are some simple tips and tricks to dealing with all those tiny, minor problems that can pile up on anyone.

Getting a broken light bulb out of a socket is awful. Before going to bend the metal out of place in order to remove it, try grabbing a knife and a potato. Slice the top off of the potato and jam it into the socket. Then twist it off like a normal light bulb. If the potato is stiff enough, then it should be removed with little problem- just be sure that the power is off, for safety measures.

Need some sources for writing a paper? Google search the topic or some related keywords and add “filetype:PDF” to the search. Alternatively, if there is a site that is helpful  but another is needed, then adding the qualifier “related: URL,” then Google will show similar websites. Google has other search modifiers as well – putting anything in quotes searches for that exact phrase (such as “Four score and seven years ago”).  Putting a dash excludes the following word or phrase – it is useful for searching words that have multiple meanings, like jaguar (such as the search “jaguar –car”, which excludes any references to cars, meaning most searches will be focused on the animal). An asterisk is a “fill in the blank” for when you do not know the word (as in “a * in the hand is worth * in the bush”).  These are by no means all the modifiers, but these are generally the most useful ones for school research.

Time for some miscellaneous things that are helpful to know: getting a headache? Drink water or Gatorade. Most of the time, you are just getting dehydrated and Gatorade actually reinvigorates you faster. Need to relax fast? Take a shower. It genuinely makes people feel more at ease. Some people even say that taking cold showers can help people to lose weight and coconut oil can be used as a conditioner. If you are having a bad day, eat a banana. Bananas are one of the best sources of dopamine, or “that chemical that causes us to feel happiness.” Putting a wet sponge in the microwave can kill up to 99 percent of the germs in it. Bread can be frozen in order to make it last longer with no problem.

Buy generic cereal – not only do those bags give you more cereal for less money, but some kinds are actually made by the same factories! That extra money being charged is literally for the brand.

The world is full of these little nuggets of information, tips and tricks that can make your life easier. Keeping eyes open and ears listening can save a lot of little headaches in the future.

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