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Mad mind of O’Sullivan

SAB presents comedic musican

by Tanner Garren/ Layout & Design

Among the numerous SAB events that are presented on stage in the student center, few can make an audience truly feel part of a show or on the same level as the person performing. On Mar 19 musical comedian Brian O’Sullivan graced Lake Land College with his presence and his comedic wit. O’Sullivan got his start in comedy performing at Second City, the place where of many Saturday Night Live alumni got their start. When one first looks at O’Sullivan, what is seen is the average guitar player who looks like he does all his performing at cafés or street corners, but as soon as O’Sullivan starts playing, the audience is hooked. O’Sullivan’s quirky personality makes the audience want to pay attention rather than sipping coffee and using his tunes as background music.

Brian O'Sullivan making laughs on the stage in the student center. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Brian O’Sullivan making laughs on the stage in the student center.
Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Those who came got the full monty when it came to entertainment O’Sullivan provided. After his first song, O’Sullivan started asking questions of the audiences, throwing a joke right back at them after they answered him. O’Sullivan performed many of his own hilarious songs such as “The Batman Song,” a song dedicated to his favorite superhero. While he likes to perform his own stuff, he plays many parodies to bring laughs to his audiences. He parodied such artists as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore and he even brought the audience back twenty years with his parody “I’m From the Nineties,” or as most people would recognize, as Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.”

O’Sullivan’s greatest work in the show was that of which the audience helped create. Before O’Sullivan played one of his parodies; he had the audience play a game of Mad Libs. During the mysterious writing of the song, the audience shared laughter as they shouted out Libs such as “Van Gough’s ear!,” ”Las Vegas!” and, of course, “Peeing sitting down,” one of the more appropriate idea shouted by the audience. Once the Lib was done Sullivan used the libs in a parody of Gary Jules’ ”Mad World.”

You can check out O’Sullivan on his YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook at BO Comedy. He requests that you all know that “BO” does not stand for “body odor.”

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