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Smoothly transferring to a university

by Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writer


Eastern Illinois University North Quad. Eastern is a common school for Lake Land student to transfer to. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

There is a set list of questions people ask when they encounter college students, and by the time a college student has reached graduation, they will be so tired of answering them that carrying around a sign with pre-written answers might seem like a better solution. The answers including “I am a ____ in college, my major is _____, I am not quite sure what I want to be yet, yes it was a good decision for me to get my general education, no I am not quite sure where I want to go after ____ College.” As annoying and repetitive it is to answer these questions, they are still something students have to think about, especially where to transfer after Lake Land.

Some students are lucky enough to come to Lake Land College, earn their certificates and promptly enter the workforce. However, the rest of the community college-goers  have to think about where to attend after, because just having two years probably will not cut it. This can be a very frustrating and overwhelming task, but if one breaks it down into a few steps, it is not too bad.

The first and most important step is deciding which university best fits the students’ needs; if an individual cannot decide on one, they should try applying to multiple universities. To find information on the colleges, go to each of their websites and look through their study programs. If a student has more questions on the college, they should not be afraid to call the college and ask for help. Universities have employees whose job is to help students find the information they need. After finding a college or colleges that an individual likes, they should look up their majors and minors and also the degree plan for each field.

Eastern Illinois University’s Student Advisor, Cecilia Yoakum, has an office set up in the library on campus. She will show interested students degree plans that are similar to their interests and consider the classes that they have already attended at Lake Land. She will also inform students about requirements such as having a foreign language and having to attend a senior seminar at Eastern. The seminar may sound like a fancy class but really it is just a class outside of a study program and is typically a very broad topic. Another great thing Yoakum can cover is looking up scholarships that students may be eligible for. Yoakum is especially helpful for students interested in attending Eastern Illinois University. Her office hours are from 8-4:30. Set up an appointment phone at Lake Land Counseling Services, or if she is not busy, stop by during her office hours.

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