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Strategies for success

Letting your life & business work for you

by Kory Stone/Business Editor

Shane Shumaker was able to quit his job and work from home. Photo submitted by Shane Shumaker, husband, father & Advocare rep.

Shane Shumaker was able to quit his job and work from home.
Photo submitted by Shane Shumaker, husband, father & Advocare rep.

If one is a student there is a good chance they are either running low on time, money or both- two things which could offer more freedom, opportunity  and ultimately happiness for many. It is understandable, given the many responsibilities a student has to juggle; work, bills, family, friends, classes, school activities and then home work to top it off. This can all be very taxing!

In regards to work it is said that for a student to remain the most efficient in school that they work no more than 10 to 15 hours a week. Yet according to US census report, many are clocking in far more hours. They determined that around 71 percent of the 19.7 million college undergraduates were working. Of that number, one in five undergrads were working at least 35 hours a week, year-round, while those who were not full-time workers made up of more than half, put in 20 hours a week. But does it have to be this way? According to many, it does not.

Shane Shumaker, a fellow Lake Land College Student majoring in Earth Science, as a husband, father and factory worker, was like many other guys in his mid-twenties, smack dab in the middle of small town America before he came across an opportunity that is changing his life. He says initially he was just looking to lose some weight and get in better shape when a friend shared some products from a network marketing company (Advocare). 57 pounds and 5 months later people started asking questions and it all just snowballed from there, he said.  “All I have to do is talk to people, it is a direct sales business but it doesn’t mean you have to be a salesman – the more people you talk to the more money you can make.”

Direct sales companies like Advocare, Avon, Body by Vi and Amway are part of a growing field many are finding success in, some have even had tract records that date to mid 1800’s, like Lindt Chocolate’s. Essentially how they work is by allowing a person to build up a passive income overtime through acquiring customers and helping other distributors under them succeed. Though success rates can vary depending on a lot of factors DSC’s are definitely at the least worth looking into if not just fully giving a shot at trying. To quote Shumaker, “If we never try then we will always fail.”

Most companies often also have a full money back guarantee if it does not work out.  Even then, if one does not succeed but still find the industry appealing, it may be worth giving another company a try. Sometimes it is just all about the right fit or products to get one going.

Direct sales companies are just one of the many ways people can bring in extra income/time into their life. So if one is feeling overwhelmed it may be worth finding a little extra time to find out if and/or what kind of home based business is a right fit. It made all the difference in the world for Shane, now a full time stay at home father, husband and student. He says he puts in on average about 12 hours a week just talking with people seeing if they could use a little “change” in their life.

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